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Take your medicine, children

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 22, 2007 06:11 PM

Father Smiff's favorite sump tank is at it again. In a recent report, Third Way tries blowing holes in the rapidly advancing prog/pop line that the nation's bottom two-thirds has taken a 25-year-long, all-time classic, red-headed mule beating at the hands of corporate America and its bi-party flunkies.

It's only to be expected -- obviously a counterattack is needed since the prog-pop steamroller is crushing everything in sight, mind-share-wise. Alarm bells are ringing loudly. The orcs of magical liberalism, once so confidently streaming forth from the Clinton NewDem/DLC Orthanc are now in ignominious retreat, those marvelous gravy train years of the high 90's long forgotten by the jobbled masses.

But Third Way has the antidote. If you'd rather not wade thru any more Third Way swamp than you have to, here's a quick takedown by Tom Palley:


Now I know Tom's usually a far too ponderous grappler for real folks to dine out on, what with his smokestack English grunting and gripping and his all-too-conspicuous cast-iron union suit, but here his blend is oddly perfect.

And if that's still too much, here's some quick notes for my fellow ADHD types.

Thirdies message these lies till they feel like facts:

  1. America's middle class is far wealthier than neopopulists believe or say.

    In fact, of course, the bottom 60%'s wages are sleeping on a 25-year rollaway cot.

  2. The huge trade gap, despite clownish appearances to the contrary, is really the dark side of very good news for us jobbled second stringers, pikers, duffers and bottom feeders.
  3. All that house debt is good for us, too!
So... if low pay, skill removal, and upside-down mortgages are good for us, what's bad for us then? I mean, besides bites by pit vipers, too many triple cheeseburgers, and a whore's last kiss.

Don't mind that big white thing out there up ahead -- it's prolly an ice cream barge.

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