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The nuclear option: use it

By Owen Paine on Thursday February 15, 2007 03:29 PM

Mike F. left us a beautiful bass aria in a comment:
It'd be worth what comes after just to see the looks on the faces of Hillary/Obama/Kucinich/Emmanuel/Pelosi/McAuliffe when they realize their scaremongering didn't work anymore, and that we're about to plow this baby in hard.

Talk about "strategic voting". Yee-hah, time to seize the plane! God Is Great!

Indeed. Any kind of anger that looks mad enough to bend reason and self-interest into a pretzel -- any defiance, any urinating on the scarecrow totems of the donkery, any desperate act that says "we have no handles, you long-eared asswipes" -- will send a lovely freakout wave through the upper strata of the Pharisees of our do-goodly empire.

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