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Hit us with your best shot

By Owen Paine on Wednesday March 28, 2007 05:24 PM

According to the Washpost:


... the Repug senate minority may not block the house war funding bill; they may just let the White House veto it. It's as if the Repugs decided to stuff the donks: "So you're afraid of a crisis. Well then -- we'll just have to give you... a crisis!"

As they both watch the poll numbers unwind on this debacle, I think there'll be plenty of disgust to go around. Point: bipartisan popular revulsion is harmless -- maybe even just what this moment calls for. The take-away image: the Repugs just called the donks' leadership "yellow", and they figure it will stick. No matter which way the Dem congos turn next, they've shown the Repugs that they fear the people's fickleness.

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what we have here
is a fickle majority

the swing vote is a giddy vote

from this slander
on the great middle american mind set
a bath tub full
orthrian alibis can be made

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