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Much of a muchness

By Owen Paine on Thursday March 29, 2007 03:03 PM

It's all one big brawling happy family over at the nation's leading social chump-change conglomerate, Progressive Democracy, Inc.


Witness this, in an E-letter I got from 'em:

While PDA and the leadership of MoveOn.org took different approaches on the Iraq funding bill, we know from years of joint work that MoveOn activists are as committed to ending the Iraq occupation as we are. Together, we can move the Democratic presidential candidates on Iraq, and on preventing an attack on Iran.
"Different approaches... as committed ... as we are" -- I guess that's a fair enough statement, all things considered.

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Oh that's just spiff. Sorta, kinda committed in a vague kinda way. Yeah, that's sure to impress St. Hill. The PDA is like a happy-face sticker on a dead rat.


"The PDA is like a happy-face sticker on a dead rat"


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