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Nobody in here but us Philistines

By Owen Paine on Wednesday March 14, 2007 04:31 PM

One senate Samson can pull this war machine down on itself -- one Samson willing to stop the funding by filibustering the appropriation. So claims John Walsh:


"It takes only one Senator to filibuster against funding the war" -- one senator and "41 abstentions to sustain the filibuster," and "Bush's supplemental funding bill for the Iraq war is dead."

Now indeed if that is all it takes, then the Dems really do own this war too, don't they? Is that a surprise?

You didn't really believe their reasons, did you? It's a dead certainty that the fund cutoff would in fact harm no soldiers over there, and save many, who really cares what the talk radio goblins yammer? Are the people that stupid ???

No -- but a big chunk of them are hope-hearted enough to believe that the Dems really might want to stop this thing, when obviously they don't.

John has a site on this:


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owen paine:

did this 'cause
i'm tired of no comments

am i really that jejune ???

most likely

but such negelect
has one reward
the salty sobs
of self pity

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