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Second prize: A free trip to Lourdes

By Michael J. Smith on Monday March 19, 2007 09:41 PM

This probably shouldn't seem funny to me. Probably, it shows what a heartless prick I really am. But I bet some of you other heartless pricks will laugh too:


Senators worry about mental health task force

Two senators [Boxer and Liberman] have written a letter to the secretary of defense to express concern that the Defense Department’s Mental Health Task Force will not release its report in June...

The task force was created to determine how the military could best meet the mental health needs of service members, particularly those returning from the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Boxer is the author of the law establishing the task force....

Lieberman and Boxer said service members need pre- and post-deployment mental health screenings, comprehensive mental health education, and measures to get rid of the stigma associated with those seeking mental health treatment.

They also raised concerns about the need for more mental health care workers in outlying areas of the country where veterans have had problems finding help.

“Service members cannot be forced to wait for care because of a shortage of mental health providers,” they wrote. “Tragedies have occurred because service members did not receive the care they needed.”

So let me get this straight. We send these kids off to places like Iraq and Afghanistan, to kill and die for oil, or Israel, or whatever the hell we're there for. And surprise! they come home as crazy as bedbugs.

What to do? The Lieberman/Boxer solution: More accredited experts to smooth out the rough edges of imperial blowback. Especially in "outlying areas," where the anaesthetic effects of psychotherapy and psychopharmacology as as yet insufficiently appreciated. Those poor hicks need to be brought up to date.

This piece is rife with wonderful phrases. A "mental health provider?" Get your mental health here! Reasonable terms!

No doubt the magic of the market can be relied on to drive down the price of mental health to somewhere near its cost of reproduction -- unless, of course, you're contrarian enough to think that mental health is not to be had at any price in the society we live in. If you're not crazy, you must be really crazy.

I love the idea of a "task force" to deal with craziness. I have my own ideas about what shape a "task force" might take in order to deal with the institutionalized craziness of people like Barbara Boxer and her close friend Joe Lieberman. But I can't really discuss them in public. Hint: a red-hot poker is involved.

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I won't expect Boxer and Lieberman to have read their Sassoon, let alone his delicious "Fight to a Finish." Talk about post-traumatic stress therapy:


owen p:

father dear :

babs is a buddy of bug juice joe ???

this is too much

even her .....

i like the fact they are demanding
we "fix '
the " massive vacuities"
in our "crazy ass killah " vet
post tour dragnets

I can't speak for everyone, but if we dumped Lieberman & Co. outside the Green Zone for, oh, a week-- with a $10 bottle of stale water and a few scraps of improv plywood body armor, it'd do wonders for my mental health. Absolutely.

owen p:

mz x
best idea
since our father suggested parachuting...
a major zionian
( was it lantos?? )
into battle zone lebanon during the last
punitive raid

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