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Stollerus stultissimus

By Owen Paine on Friday March 16, 2007 04:39 PM

Matt Stoller is a certifiable jackass-licker, but this post proves he needs to be excused, because it demonstrates he's also a certifable ignoramus as well:
If we do pull out of Iraq, and all of a sudden do have to shut that trillion dollar trade deficit, we will have to build a genuinely new economy based on different legal and economic structures. That's a huge task, and there was no mandate for that in 2006.
Now tell me, why link these two completely unrelated events: 1) pulling out of Iraq -- which, btw, this toad thinks was a fiscal move by Cheney to keep the economy out of "fiscal" crisis -- and 2) the three winters in a row scare to end all scares, namely the rest of the earth calling in our markers all at once and putting us on paygo, cash-before-delivery trade terms.

I guess it's so he can fairly claim no mandate for this package in last fall's election results.

So there's the bam right in his own kisser, like Lou Costello might have thrown, and then...

the Democratic Party is becoming an antiwar party that has been pulled out of the bipartisan imperialist consensus. But it is not there yet.
"Is becoming," but "has been" and "is not yet"... I see the poor dope knocking himself straight backwards out of his chair with that wallop.

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the Democratic Party is becoming an antiwar party that has been pulled out of the bipartisan imperialist consensus. But it is not there yet.

Monkies at typewriters are busy composing the collected works of Shakespeare. But Hamlet remains unfinished.


He gets close to saying what's on the Donk elite's mind. How do you manage a war economy that's no longer at war? That's all they know how to do, Mr. Paine. They're military keynesians, every last one of them.

owen paine:

mister scruggs

watch me disgrace myself

as much as i'd like to call em all
biz keynesians
with a gun jones
like ole herb stein or cap weinberg

clintonomics was proof we don't need
a helmet and heat seeker
based prosperity economy

look at the numbers

aside from the porky cadence of it
rubinomics meant
a shrinking security budget

okay so the requirements
of maintaining a globe safe for trans border privateering
may well mean 600 bill security budgets
from here to world war III

but thats great game politics

the global economy ...per se
does not need a big us standing armed force
or even a constant stream of neat new weaponry
to chug along quite profitably
and i contend the clinton years
demo-ed this to at least
he rubin crowd's

what we do face is uncle
as spender of last resort
which has recently meant
a trade gap of 800 bills
and a de industrial pace
her at home
even beyond
the outer limits of reckless

and indeed matt waves at that problem

but its like a pig tripping
to its knees
in front of an alter
for all the comprehension it implies

hence the ignoramus line

the telling grunt where a genuflect belongs

is the bit about uncle's debt getting called
in and his dollar torpedoed

owen p:

scruggs has set me straight

he sees
national security
political economy as like an atavistic reflex
in the present crisis
and in this sense he's dead on

the kold war programs were hardly removed from the systems 10 thousand decider/adviser heads
least of all the heads that form the core of the donkery

the nam experience even for the woodstockery
was not used to purge the humanist in arms
memery from their
" we're still kennedy kidz zeitgeist "

and it could come back to the drivers seat
among the neolibs
now their 90's post kold war
plans are shooting back

unafraid irans

perhaps untractable
UN majorities

hurricane hugo's
massive trade gaps

owen p:

the last such moment of truth came
in 49
with the fall of china and uncle joe's nuke

dean acheson and paul nitze
triggered kold war 2.0
when kim crossed the 38th
but it was well under way
internally already
and thus
was the full security state helmet and nuke keynesian economy born

and man did it surge
every was surprised by our "growth"

til the eisenhower kooler hit the system

yes mable the donks invented the keynesian helmet economy
but out of imperial necessity

to control the global situation
we needed a huge peace time armada

well we got adicted to it

and maybe scruggs right
we can't kick the habit
once the first heavy stressers arrive
we go for the nuclear space needle


That's a generous expansion of my meagre email, Owen, but I like it a lot.

I am glad someone found a way to hit him in the face without actually threatening it. It was my first thought when I read the piece via IOZ.

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