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The fix is in

By Michael J. Smith on Wednesday March 7, 2007 05:00 PM

From The Hill:
House Democrats say consensus is forming on U.S. troop withdrawal

House Democrats... haven’t been able to resolve differences between those who want to mandate a clear date for withdrawal from Iraq and those who don’t. But leaders [say] that they have reached consensus in some key areas.

“What we’re trying to do is make policy, not just points,” said House Majority Leader Steny Hoyer (D-Md.)....

Meanwhile, House Democratic Caucus Chairman Rahm Emanuel (D-Ill.) disputed reports that liberal Democratic members will vote against a Democratic plan if it doesn’t set a concrete date for withdrawal.... "There is consensus on three important parts,” Emanuel said, namely more money for Afghanistan than President Bush had requested, more demands placed on the Iraqi government, and fully training and equipping troops....

Speaking for the liberal wing,[Barbara] Lee said that the “Out of Iraq” caucus is not seeking to cut funding to the troops....

In other words, the Dems are reaching a consensus to keep the war going in Iraq, and intensify it in Afghanistan. My favorite line:
Hoyer has said members are discussing a way to allow members of the Progressive and “Out of Iraq” caucuses to offer an amendment on the floor during the Iraq debate for a full withdrawal of troops....
... so that people like Bernie Sanders will have an empty gesture to make, for the edification of their constituents with dovish bumper stickers. Steny, as always, blurted out the blunt truth, like the knucklehead he is: there's policy and then there's points. The points made will be anti-war, the policy quite the reverse.

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But...but...but...the Democrats will save us. They are better than the Republicans. Vote for them.

owen paine:

the dem's ha hem line

it takes a white house....

it takes a 60+ senate block ...

it takes more voters ....

it takes a new america....


Mr. Paine, to continue youyr sonnet:

...It takes a new world
ready to quietly accede
to the Dembot's
softer forms of power.

Give us this world
and the Demobots
will give us paradise
and an ever-growing
economy with proper
carbon trading
and career for all.

owen p:

latest dem-house plan:

"calls for bringing troops home early next year while removing remaining troops from combat by October 2008 "

nb "...remaining troops..."

post october 08
on going
they'll be restricted to
advisory /tutory roles

like jfk's green berets
in nambo




the above
in the wash post is a delight
even quotes that titan of fearless statesmanship

steve israel

"It's much easier to express an opinion to a pollster than it is to formulate effective policy on something as intractable as Iraq,"


my choice for oby's veep


the fatal thread

blue dog aisle crossers

can dump the donk's cart over


better red then blue


"Under the deal, to be formally drafted by the Appropriations Committee next week, Congress would institute the same tough benchmarks for the Iraqi government that Bush detailed in a national address in January. Under those benchmarks, the Iraqi government would have to take responsibility for security in all of Iraq's provinces by November, and adopt and implement oil-revenue-sharing legislation"

that last bit is a beauty

insisting on sharing the oil revenue

" to keep iraq together " no doubt

we use national unity
and intercommunal reconciliation
as a cover for a plan
that enforces
a trans nat corporate
highjacking of an egregious
chunk of their oil profits


and the progs ???

"Last night, six prominent liberal Democrats issued a statement that said: "We have had a constructive dialogue with members of our party's leadership regarding the upcoming supplemental debate. However, at this time, we have not reached any final agreement."

pretty fuckin tough eh ???

"Woolsey is leading a brewing revolt among dozens of Democrats who say they will vote only for a war spending bill that unambiguously ends the war"

if they cave we need to occ their offices

and this fudge don't cut it one bit

" House leaders, cognizant of conservative concerns, had moved to temper another element of the proposal they worked out -- troop-deployment restrictions, pushed by Murtha, that Bush could waive if it is in "the national interest."

this last straw we're to belive triggered

" ... a revolt on the left.."

as our dear father's post indicates :

"In the face of such intransigence,
Democratic leaders hope to quell the revolt by granting liberals a vote on an amendment to end the war immediately"

enter herr Hoyer
" ... leaders hope liberals will then support final passage of the spending bill, even if their amendment is defeated."

the teeter and then the tooter...

" Rep. Maxine Waters (D-Calif.)
co-chairwoman of the Out of Iraq Caucus, said no deal has been struck, although negotiations continue."

the spot light :

" Murtha and other Pelosi loyalists worked Waters especially hard because if she is swayed, other liberals will follow"

btw what does this mean ??

"she (the Nan )
will bring her caucus into line.
There is simply too much at stake, said Rep. Mike Thompson (D-Calif.), a Blue Dog close to the speaker. "

"too much at stake " ???

or just too many steaks on the fire


commanders vs troops


"U.S. Troops in Iraq: 72% Say End War in 2006"

"Le Moyne College/Zogby Poll shows
just one in five troops want to heed Bush call
to stay “as long as they are needed”

but the dems claim they're afraid of

" the commanders on the ground "

don't want to appear to be
micro managing....

but who are they really
afraid of ???

talk radio hosts ???

nope not even them


the troops want out

what more needs saying ???

a vote to defund
and get the hell out
would be easy to defend
come election 08

so what's the hold up ???

can't blame the people anymore

isn't this too obvious to miss

the dem core is brazenly
defying the public will

aren't they really
their career chances ????

or not

recall :

donor uber alles
the only race that matters
is your race

god knows its
not the human race

owen paine:


a wonder of the lower right

bill lind
on "the dodge" :

"For the Democrats, what's not to like is anything that might actually end the war before the 2008 elections."

its just....partisan politics

" The Republicans have 21 Senate seats up in 2008, and if the Iraq war is still going on, they can count on losing most of them, along with the Presidency and maybe 100 more seats in the House. 2008 could be the new 1932, leaving the Republican Party a permanent minority for twenty years. From the standpoint of the Democratic Party's leadership, a few thousand more dead American troops is a small price to pay for so glowing a political victory."

hmmm piling on the onus

after all it was the Dem party
congressional strategy
during the deep depression years
of 1930-1932

and i'd conjecture
the repub strategy
during the korean fiasco

but clearly not so
with nixon's decent interval

was that still
thanx to LBJ
a bipertisan war
at least in common people's
eyes ???

here's lind the prophet:

"The likely result of all this Washington dodging is that events on the ground in Iraq and elsewhere will outrun the political process. That in turn means a systemic crisis, the abandonment of both parties by their bases and a possible left-right grass roots alliance against the corrupt and incompetent center. In that possibility may lie the nation's best hope"

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