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Another Bobby bites the dust

By Owen Paine on Friday April 6, 2007 11:25 AM

Few faces at the shoulder of our leading donk statesmen cause me more instant ire than bond king Robert 'bobtail' Rubin (shown above with a pet pitbull). Why, the bastard effectively ran dumbocrat macro policy and budget policy singlehandely for the full 8 years of Clinton's magic kingdom -- ran it and ran it his way, and by running it his way, kept the nation's jobbled masses' nose firmly on the grindstone, and our industrial platform crumbling like newlyweds' first piecrust.

Throughout it all he conducted himself with a gusto and a sweatless elan worthy of that other hard-nosed runt named Bobby -- you know the supercilious half-pint with a heart of cold cream, the one that was about to save America from Amerika, till he got himself assassinated by a very early one-man anti-Zionist commando unit named Sirhan Sirhan for offering Tel Aviv all the jets they could eat....

But I stray, don't I? Back to the as yet unassassinated Bobby. Unassassinated, but nevertheless over. His ticket is punched. Not only is the guy in trouble, he's the mother Clinton of party political economics.

Don't believe me? Then read between the lines of this "think it all the way through" piece by my mentor, Robert Pendragon Kuttner:


A blind spot in the usual story of the Democratic party's capture by "interest groups" is the failure to notice Wall Street as an interest group. In the usual media account, the obstacles to the party's modernization are such groups as abortion-rights advocates, blacks, gays, and unions. Candidates can score points with pundits for showing independence by taking on, say, the unions on school vouchers, or African Americans over inflammatory rhetoric (Sister Souljah), or civil libertarians over the death penalty (then-Governor Clinton's refusal to spare Ricky Ray Rector).

Such actions are said to show political courage by resisting "politically correct" politics and entrenched interest groups. But taking on the most powerful Democratic Party interest group of them all -- Wall Street -- is viewed as a sign of recklessness, unsoundness, demagoguery, and political suicide. A mark of Wall Street's ubiquitous power in defining the limits of the politically thinkable is that its power is hardly noticed. The personification of this power is Robert Rubin.

A portrait that odious can only come out after the corpse is so rotten it's starting to smell like a flower bed.

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watch closely
the obama connection
to bobby r

if i've called this right

bobby won't be at
obama or gore's shoulder
the nite st hill caves in

if i've pulled another wild boner

st hill and bobby r will
both be up there shoutin

"hello white house my old friend
we're back to be with you again "

which would be worse

gib me a dime and i'll measure the diff for ya


in the excellent
rulers of the world era
photo of our subject
by father smiff
to help "sell " my stiff prose

i draw your attention to
the sly porcine
almost reluctant
of minion "pitbull"
larry summers
you might comment
watch your back bobby
there's a fat but still hungry look
on that cuss ...eh ??

don't let it fool ya

he's in worse shape even
then el bondito

hell bunged from harvard's highest high chair
by .....
a bunch of ding dong she-men ??

can you spell
road kill's road kill ????

ole larry there
will be lucky
if any leading donk pol
dares "think" his name

let alone taking the chance
of getting caught
talking to him
on the phone

fuck that's
worse then calling heide fleiss

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