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A Misunderstanding?

By Al Schumann on Tuesday May 29, 2007 03:00 AM

Here's a guy who has a blog consisting entirely of a merciless critique (from the left) of the Democratic Party. He's not a Green, and in fact has some pretty unkind things to say about the Green Party. Still, that doesn't worry me, because in the context of the other solutions presented in the book, the arguments against supporting the Green Party come off as simply more viriol, not considered logic.

All in all, Stop Me Before I Vote Again is as much venting as reasoning. But a little venting is good for us all once in a while."


I found the merciless critique easily -- it's hard to miss -- but when I looked for the vitriol and unkindness aimed at the Greens, all I could find was a gentle and funny caricature. I was unable to locate any arguments against supporting them. I did find quite a few making it clear that supporting the Greens was often a positive thing to do, though not in every circumstance. The "Safe State" strategy has drawn serious criticism. Rightly so, in my opinion. It was a bad idea and harmful to the party. The alleged vitriol, unkindness and opposition, when I do manage to find it, is going to come as a terrible suprise to all the Greens posting here, reading here and trying to assist with the merciless critique of the Democratic Party.

Lest I, along with MJS, the self-described "poor harmless drudge who maintains this site" (more vitriol, or another gentle and funny caricature?) be accused of therapeutic venting, let me make it clear that the purpose of this site to is assist and encourage people looking to get 'a squirrel grip on the Gladstone Smalls' of a destructive elite in the political class. One proposed means of doing that is voting for and supporting the Greens, where possible and ethical. This makes the Democratic efforts at supressing democracy a pressing concern. Their free speech cages are a pressing concern. Detecting non-existent animus where -- and here, I apologize, but I'm tempted into tautology -- it can't be detected because it doesn't exist, is not a pressing concern.

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Considering the site seems to exist entirely in 404 land, it's a certainty that more Greens read Stop Me.


Even though it's a small part of what goes on here, I'd love to get a clear idea of how many Green votes have been generated by this site and the people coming here. I don't want to perpetrate a 'squirrel grip to Gladstone Smalls' of the Chlorophyll people when their site is 404ed, but I'd bet Stop Me tops their total.


scruggs :

its a shame more folks don't know
of father smiff's decon democon tract

thanx for drawing
perhaps a few more
wondering eyes
back to
this roc egg of the site


Owen, some day a fat Garibaldi - perhaps even Al Gore hisself -- will plagiarize huge chunks of it and announce his intent to lead us out of our current perdition. The press will wait to see which side is up when the toast drops, but a few intrepid pundits will have the courage to cautiously denigrate MJS.

The "Safe State" strategy has drawn serious criticism. Rightly so, in my opinion. It was a bad idea and harmful to the party.

There still seems to be plenty of folks at GC in eager-to-please-the-DP-mode. Frankly, I find it depressing. I don't want eager-to-please. It's humiliating and pathetic and it won't make the DP any happier that Greens exist. I want some threats to smash up or a few birds flipped or fuck it. I stay home.


Ms. Xeno, I've become pretty sanguine myself about bailing on structures where the balance tips enough that the structure dudes serve themselves, first, and everyone else is a nuisance, begrudged and an afterthought. That's the path to bull goose celebrity rule or passive aggressive authority freakdom. If I wanted that, I could become a wingnut or a procedural liberal. Plenty of neurotic, counterproductive rituals there, plus there's the benefit of the self-loathing coaching they offer.

I've met some good Greens and know of many more. So it's not a write off, yet, but a feckless appeasement policy would do the trick. It sucks defending yourself aggressively while scabs happily cut everyone's throats but their own.

I'm registered over there. I suppose I could start a thread in defense of spoiling and see how well it goes over. I don't really have the energy today, though. :/ Maybe you or Smithie could do it ? I will send Parisian macaroons as payment.

I have to get my game up for things like that, Ms. Xeno. It's a bit like explaining to people that brushing their teeth is a good idea. I expect adults to know such without being told. What is GC, by the way?

D'oh ! Here you go, Scruggs:


Tim D:

Wow Ms. Xeno...I was depressed to visit that site and see that a poll there had 36% of respondees supporting LeMarche. I really want Elaine Brown to capture the nomination...*sigh*

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