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Don't feed the pigeons

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday May 6, 2007 02:08 PM

Times photo of earnest peaceniks in conclave

The grey lady puffs the ferocious eclair peaceniks pictured in session above. They're described as combining "the online mobilization capabilities of MoveOn with the old-school political muscle of organized labor."


Quoted in the article is a flaming cross of a letter, sent last Thursday by this mighty coalition of hard-nosed peace pigeons to the leader of the senate's custard majority, Dry Gulch Reid, and of course mon amour La Nanita:

In the past few days, we have seen what appear to be trial balloons signaling a significant weakening of the Democratic position.
How acute, how vigilant, eh?
On this, we want to be perfectly clear.
That must be ultimate bad faith segue phrase, a favorite, as we all know, of the father of all modern American political bad faith, tricky Dick Nixon. Would that these slime had a maternally implanted chronically guilty conscience like his, one that lunched on their gut like his lunched on him. Recall the fox in the Spartan kid's tunic? But I digress. To continue to the money line:
If Democrats appear to capitulate to Bush -- passing a bill without measures to end the war -- the unity Democrats have enjoyed and Democratic leadership has so expertly built, will immediately disappear.
... and, I wager, just as immediately reappear, on the far side of this latest counterfeit tussle after a decent interval of fighting the decent interval has passed, of course.

Ahh these peace pigeons -- they sure can flutter and cluck and coo like real doves, can't they?

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"Peace pigeons." Possibly a misnomer. A few thousand dollops of birdcrap dropped on the DP candidates from on high would be most welcome, actually. That's probably beyond the abilities of the crowd you describe. They'll hold it in until they explode, or until any mildly interesting Indy or Green happens along the campaign trail. Whichever comes first.


mz x

i suspect
a real indy peace and jobs candidate
is precisely what all this
smoke and mirrors
by the core congo dembots
is designed to head off

for the voting public

-----think by analogy
the sporting public------

to clearly and definitely see
the difference between a real dove candidate
and a mere peace pigeon candidate
requires the emergence of ....
a real dove

not a party dutiful
house dove
either like dennis the menace

but a free booter like nader
would the msm allow one to emerge
like it allowed
ross p to emerge
or george wallace

my guess a serious peace train has left the station
as it did
when nixon hit wind down mode
after kent and his 70 mid term bump

the timing's off
better an independent come on like a prog version of america first

which by the way
is not to far
from the first new deal paradigm
supported by columbia professors
and huey long both

...or, as my DW likes to call them, "flying rats".

Actually, interestingly enough...if I recall my high-school biology and zoology correctly, aren't pigeons and doves closely related?

D'ahh ha ha ha hah.


Mike F -- Pigeons are the domesticated variety, raised to carry messages and be eaten. The analogy seems to work pretty well, actually.

Oooooh! I can't wait for Mazzie's "firestorm of opposition" to get rolling this summer. Such a fearsome organization is the Pwoggie Pigeon Council! Medea Benjamin may even raise her voice!

Larry McQueen:

where did you go to high school ?


"where did you go to high school ?"

Who are you asking? Smithee, Ms. Xeno and I attended Weehawken High, where we participated in a program that provides educational, physical, social, ethical and moral growth for all students with consideration for the needs of the individual student's abilities, talents, and background. Ms. Xeno, that smarty pants, made fun of us when we got caught smoking pot in the stairwell and she didn't. But that was years ago and I, for one, have long since gotten over it.


as if to console us
for hitting the target square on

this little add on
about our lib-lab lobby


imagine the best targets
are centrist gop wobblers
like maine's collins and snowe

not only are they donk partisans
they don't even want to cleanse
their own stable
if collins and snowe
would defect to the dembots
even without changing a single vote
these lib -lab power lobby cuffs
would leave em be ...


and low and behold
a real dove speaks up
on this same pigeon clutch


bruce gagnon
mainiac sit in
fire ball
for peace and against empire
he writes

"The "anti-war" groups the article refers to are not your standard, every-day peace group, that have long been working to end the war. They are talking about more recently formed groups, funded with more than $7.1 million since January, to go out and take control of the anti-war message and to capture the bulk of mainstream media coverage about the anti-war movement. Thus groups like Win Without War, Americans Against Escalation in Iraq, National Security Network, MoveOn, and others are being heavily funded by foundations close to the Democratic Party and are being largely directed by Democratic Party strategists."

this is not pigeonry though is it
its more like
what's that bird(cowbird?)
that subs its egg
for another species eggs
and lets them hatch it

his sum up

"But frankly, I see little difference between U.S. imperialism around the world and the arrogant political imperialism of Democratic Party operatives who are well-funded and well-connected and who believe that the world is their oyster. "

Yep, cowbirds. Or cuckoos. Take your pick.

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