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Hey girls, Hillary thinks you're dumb

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday May 15, 2007 08:03 AM

Clinton's strategy to win targets new women voters
The 'gender gap' could give Clinton an advantage

"A big piece of what we're working on is finding ways to reach women," said Ann Lewis, a senior adviser to the [Clinton] campaign.

But in addition to targeting women voters, her campaign is going after a far more elusive goal: women who have not even registered to vote. Surveys show the former first lady far outstrips her rivals among registered women voters, but also among unregistered women, a fat target that includes 21 million people under the age of 44....

Appealing to unregistered voters is one of the hardest tasks in politics, and it suggests the lengths Clinton is going to find untapped resources and capitalize on her status as a serious woman candidate.

Making the job more challenging, unregistered women tend to be younger, often move around a lot and may be at some economic disadvantage, making it harder for them to find the time to register and vote. But Page Gardner, president of Women's Voices, Women Vote, which tries to get single women involved in politics, said .... "What we have found is that at the end of the day, if you go to them and make it easier for them to register, they will. If you talk about their lives, that's motivational. They're incredibly civic-minded. They care a lot about this country. They know they should register, they know they should vote."

They know they "should" register, "should" vote.... they know that, do they? So why haven't they been doing their duty? Poor character, probably -- hey, they move around a lot, and if they're at an economic disadvantage, what does that say about them?

Still, they have something Hillary wants -- and may even need. So go do an Oprah and make cooing noises at them -- "talk about their lives." And maybe just enough of the poor naive things, conscience-stricken over electoral duty undone, will turn out to put Hillary over -- though they could hardly find a candidate with a clearer track record of promoting poverty and war than Mommy-in-Chief Clinton.

Another charming vignette:

One recent message, sent out May 7, touted Clinton's attempt to repeal congressional authorization for the Iraq war as a sort of Mother's Day present for women worried about the war.
Nice. I have some idea how the mom in my home would have reacted if her Mother's Day present was an unsuccessful "attempt" on my part to buy flowers. A person might try that once. I can only hope that her fellow moms around the country are equally unimpressed by Hillary's brand of boardroom feminism.

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Where's Mike F when we need him ? I'm totally envisioning some kind of snappy logo involving a mop emeshed with Old Glory.


cinderella story indeed

Geez Loueeze. Hillary's got the DP so sewn up she's just killing time, messing around with the great unregistered masses. Even she's bored with the primary farce.


Over at The Nation, they think that Hillary asking her supporters to choose her campaign song is news.

'Founded in 1865 by abolitionists, The Nation promised in its original prospectus that the new weekly "will not be the organ of any sect, party or movement." It would instead be the conscience, a gadfly "to wage war upon the vices of...exaggeration and misrepresentation."'


An updated prospectus would read "All Democrats, all the time".

Hillary is asking her supporters to choose her campaign song?

Oh, cripes. Does this mean that we once again get "I Am Woman" rubbed in our faces by the radio a hundred times a day, like back when I was in high school?

Ah, well, at least it beats the hell out of Fleetwood Mac again.

Oh, Mike F. I was kinda' hoping for something from Jesus Christ Superstar, or at least Starlight Express.

O, Warrior Queen:

I actually fairly dug Jesus Christ, Superstar -- in fact, the only thing thing Andrew Lloyd Webber wrote that was genuinely good. Still, doesn't the hero die horriblty at the end of that one?

I haven't heard any of the music from Starlight Express, although I understand that show was performed entirely on roller skates, which is somehow fitting for Hillary (BTW, this week's Nation is doing a Hillary cover story which is basically the equivalent of Matt Lauer leading off the Today Show by declaring that alright, already, it's a civil war in Iraq).

Still, I'm surprised nobody has gone for the obvious, Mr. Lloyd Webber's Evita. I don't know which is worse -- Hillary being the American Eva Peron, or Hillary imagining herself to be Eva Peron.

Perhaps mobs and mobs of hardcore Lefties, Greens and anarchist types could cause a big stir by calling/emailing in en masse, requesting they adopt "Don't Cry For Me, Argentina".

Mwooohhh ha ha ha ha haaahhhh.


We are DLC
I got all my kosniks with me
We are DLC
Get up ev'rybody and sing

Ev'ryone can see we're together
As we walk on by
(FLY!) and we fly just like birds of a feather
I won't tell no lie
(ALL!) all of the people around us they say
Can they be that close
Just let me state for the record
We're giving love in a family dose

I'll be damned. It doesn't have to be changed much at all to work. There's something very positive about mining the soundtrack of The Full Monty for Senator Clinton's preznitential campaign song.

Evita is just way too obvious.

O, Warrior Queen writes:

Evita is just way too obvious.

True that may be, O Majesty, but how appropriate.

I can't be the only one here who doesn't automatically have Don't Cry For Me stuck in their heads at every mention of Hillary in the boss media, going back to at least April 1999, when she whined about the American "culture of violence" in a speech re: the Columbine High shootings, at the same time NBC was running and re-running the cockpit camera video of an F15 on a mission over Yugoslavia bombing a railroad bridge and then going back to nail the commuter train full of people coming home from work which the pilot saw approaching the bridge.

Well, that's sweet and nostalgia-laden and all, Mike F. But the more I think about it, the more I lean toward a classic like When He Hit Me, It Felt Just Like A Kiss. After all, nothing exemplifies the rank-and-file proggie relationship with Hillary better than the notion of playing punching-bag-with-a-smile games straight on through to Election Day, and beyond...

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