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Maureen Dowd, space alien?

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday May 20, 2007 09:01 AM

Ole Maureen has been whalin' away at Paul Wolfowitz again, who of course richly deserves a lot worse savaging than Maureen can give him. She's really trying, but her liberal rhetoric engine seems to pulled a muscle, or gotten stuck in overdrive, or something:
Resume of Doom

Paul Wolfowitz may be out of a job soon, but think of what an amazing resume he'll be shopping around:

Work Experience

President of World Bank: 2005-2007

Achievements: Paralyzed the international lending apparatus...

Deputy Secretary of Defense for President George W. Bush: 2001-2005

Achievements: ... Shattered the system of international diplomacy that kept the peace for 50 years. Undermined the credibility of American intelligence operations. Needlessly brought humankind to the brink of nuclear war. Destroyed Iraq.

If Wolfie really had "paralyzed the international lending apparatus," of course he would deserve the thanks of every decent person on Earth. But Maureen seems to come from a planet where the World Bank is a benign institution.

On her planet, it would also seem that the last fifty years have been peaceful ones. There is a country on her planet called the United States which until recently had "credible" intelligence operations, and another country called Iraq that was not well into the process of destruction under the current President's predecessors.

I don't know whether I would like to live on the planet Maureenia or not. Perhaps not, in spite of its peacefulness and the benignity of its institutions; those institutions seem to loom awfully large there.

I do, however, rather wish Maureen would hop in her spacecraft and return home.

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father smiff

seems to be a yearning
among the chatter clan
to dream an impossible dream or two

if this is in vogue
like during ....camelot time

maybe the identity twins
hill and oby one
will "moige" in a passionate
release of golden age energy

its kinda like
jack frost
puttin the old icikle
up the sand man's butt

or is it more like
the easter bunny
and the tooth fairy
exchanging rainbow colored hen products
gleeming little baby molars

at any rate

t'is a pleasing
puff of perfumed mist
"could be" earth of her's

as i may add
naughty red headed
mz Dowd hersefffff !!!!!!

Y'know, I try to read Maureen Dowd's emissions every once in a while when they're reposted on Usenet, but I can never get through it without my eyeballs glazing over.

She may be a space alien, but she's no Venusian Fire Woman, that's for goddamn' sure.

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