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Media Medea

By Owen Paine on Thursday May 24, 2007 06:16 PM

This post inaugurates a brand new SMBIVA extra-feature, double-fun special: the Goo-goo Gremlin of the Month. Rules are simple: we arbitrarily tack up some progressive peace peasants and butterfly lovin' fraud, and accuse him/her of anything that sounds both outrageously loathesome and unfair, but oddly appropriate.

Our first pinup -- and I'll be damed if she don't get us off to a roaring start:

Medea Benjamin as Batwoman

... yes, that unerasable fixture of the peep-peep school of moral protest, Medea Benjamin.

Lest we forget, here's Medea back in '04:

Medea Benjamin, a leader of Global Exchange and the Green Party's U.S. Senate candidate in California in 2000, says explicitly that Greens are justified in supporting a vote for Kerry, even though he is opposed to most everything on the Green Party agenda. "In the swing states, where this election's going to be determined, [Greens should] recognize that we owe it to the global community to get rid of George Bush," Benjamin says. "And if people in those swing states support that strategy of getting rid of George Bush, then voting for Kerry might be the strategic vote for them."
Medea, you pink slug. Whilst seemingly just another hapless soul-wrenched gull, behind your pinker belle exterior throbs and slavers....

Let's put it this way: if a mob of surly anarchists or Central American shoe workers ripped off this dainty bottle-headed imp's self-righteous spotlight-stealing chickadee-for-goodness cover, inside we'd find -- and I'll bet my ranch outside Vegas on this -- a bench-built, CIA first-quality transgendered-wolverine, ready to disrupt, at any appointed key juncture, both the anti-empire and anti-transnat movements.

Warning, people of the good earth -- beware this pixie. She be toxic.

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Ahh, yes, one of my favorite Bullshit Bingo phrases: Strategic Voting. To get what you want, choose the exact opposite. Want what you don't want. Friggin' brilliant.

Anybody here remember the Ukrainian "Orange Revolution" of a couple of years ago, the alleged peoples' uprising over an alleged stolen election which got a lot of play in the US press -- at precisely the same time as a fracas was heating up over the handling of the 2004 Ohio vote? Well, guess who was in the Ukraine checking out the scene, and reported back to a rally in DC later on about the wonderful peoples' uprising in the Ukraine while decked out in a de rigeur orange ribbon tied around her arm?

Wonderful, exhilarating...except when you consider the "Orange" scene was apparently being heavily backed by our old buds the National Endowment For Democracy -- iirc, the same outfit that helped out with the coup attempt vs. Hugo Chavez -- and which, iirc, has been really tight with the AFL-CIO and is the main reason so many folks like to call 'em the AFL-CIA these days. I got my first whiff of bullshit from the Ukraine when I tripped over an AP wire item describing a small counter-rally of workers sporting a banner reading -- in so many words -- "Don't Roll Over For America".

I remember having to tape her raving that day for an Indymedia post of the rally and, knowing what I knew, having to fight the urge to put the camera down, walk over and smack her. She sounded like such a goddamn' tool, it was embarassing.

The first couple of years were fun, interesting, creative -- then came that friggin' 2004 train wreck, and Medea Benjamin exhorting us to join her and Dennis Kucinich in running over a cliff with John Kerry. Eurgh.

Like everyone who has her very own personality cult, Medea can't imagine that her Code Weak publicity stunts aren't some grand events of great moral weight. Fortunately (for us) if she follows her present career arc, she'll soon be moving to a remote South American country with a couple thousand of her closest worshipers and several crates of Kool-Aid.

Well, I don't know about South America, but Code Weak does have an entire house rented on Capitol Hill, just a block or two on the other side of Stanton Square from our place (though I'm sure the CP joint doesn't have the hard-scrambled charm of the old DC Yippies' house on K Street).

And, hell; I figured the Kool-Aid drinking had already gone down*. At least, they all sure as hell seem to be seriously hallucinating.

*Actually, didn't that other outfit -- the "Heaven's Gate" -- do it with jello shooters? Now, that's class.

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