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The spoilers of office

By Owen Paine on Wednesday June 13, 2007 11:07 AM

Seems by their claw marks here that both our fearless comrades J Alva "Alpha" Scruggs and Ground Xeno buy Josh Frank's spoiler wreck-all strategy:


Both parties in 2008, as my Green Party pal pointed out, must be challenged. And I don't think an all-out fifty state campaign is the best approach to holding them accountable. As a minority, we may not be able to beat the Republicans, but we sure as hell have the ability to put tangible pressure of the Democrats. And that's why we ought to focus our efforts on two states only: Ohio and Florida....

The 2008 election is for the Democrats to lose. Let's spoil it.

Me too. I say we hamstring those fuckin' donks -- make 'em hobble and trip over their hooves. Let's fuck 'em and fuck 'em good. Let's block off the hoofbeaten pathway to the trough of office. Let's bust up that smirky, head-nodding, hee-hawing, clopitty-clop "ain't this just grand" red-white-and-blue progress toward the great white palace off the Penn! Here's some slogan suggestions. Improvements welcome:
  • No more purple fingers for me!
  • Purple finger nyet!
  • Vote never again!
  • March on occupied Washington
  • Block the smurf voting stations!
  • No more November line dancing!
  • End the great American mockocracy!

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Gotta give credit to our friend, IOZ, who came up with, The Most Important Elections Ever In Our Lifetimes Everâ„¢.


btw sports fans

that lovely icon atop the post....

the work of
that blazin HELL raisin
of the outback

JA Scruggs esquire

...or, as Democraps would call it,
The Most Important Election In Our Lifetimes, Ever, Really, Honestly, It Really Is

Well, the beauty of living in OR is that nobody, deep down, gives a rat's ass what we do except as theater. Our primary is always too late, our returns are too late and we don't even have a pocket's worth of electoral votes. Plus, we vote by mail. Without the possible thrill of a political ten-car pileup, there's not all that much to get enthused about. Unless your pulse quickens at the thought of more Mexican workers' families being torn assunder by ICE, of course.

You can always count on the monkeys in the local papers and the yobs in local political chatrooms to drool over Edwards or whoever's trendy in the appropriate manner, but I bet deep down they don't believe that any of it means shit. Hell, I'd stake twenty bucks on the candidates themselves not believing it.

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