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Two cheers for Ann Coulter

By Michael J. Smith on Friday June 29, 2007 12:47 PM

pic of Ann Coulter

pic of John Edwards

Oh the outraged propriety!


[P]residential candidate John Edwards told ABC News he was "very proud" of his wife, Elizabeth, for confronting conservative provocateur Ann Coulter the day before for her comments.... "I think she was making it clear that we can't continue to tolerate this kind of name-calling and hate-mongering," Edwards said. "We have to elevate the discussion...."

"These personal attacks, that the things she has said over the years not just about John but about other candidates, it lowers our political dialogue precisely at the time that we need to raise it," said [Elizabeth] Edwards. "So I want to use the opportunity to ask her politely stop the personal attacks."

I'm with Coulter on this one. I think we need to lower the tone, not raise it. No wonder people hate the Democrats -- the party of Good Manners and Elevated Diction. Bleccchh!

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I played the SPAM prevention game, but really, isn't Hillary's first name Beelzebub?

At any rate... Ann raises the level of discourse whenever Edwards is in the picture. He tells creepy stories about his son (each time, according to reports, with the prelude, "I've never told this before... ") in order to milk some sort of emotoinal "bye" on actually discussing issues substantively, Ann calls him on it, Edwards goes crying to wifey and assorted Mass Media Podpeople. Whine, whine, whine. Ann points out that Bill Maher seriously said he wished the Vice President were assasinated by Islamic terrorists and Ann notes that it seems the only way she can get away with pointing out Edwards' creepiness would be to say the same thing about him (after all, Maher was lionized by Mass Media Podpeople for his comment).

Seems she's the one elevating the discourse.

Representing Coulter's remarks as hateful is just more politician's *spit* and Mass Media Podpeople's lies. NOT showing "The Breck Girl" up for his creepy and vacuous lack of decency, integrity and honesty is just typical lies, damned lies and Mass Media Podpeople "reporting".

It's The Repulsive vs. The Creepy. If I could only chose one to beat to death with a baseball bat I'd probably die from the indecision.


The creepy symbiosis is pretty repulsive too. Hebephrenia vs. Vacuity in a no holds barred cage match.

Granted, nobody here can argue with the fact that Ann Coulter is a rotten lying vicious malevolent malnourished old fascist skank; still, I don't know which is worse -- Ann Coulter's skanky ravings, or your mainstream Liberal/Donkeycratic/Identity Politics types getting their panties in a bunch over Ann Coulter's latest skanky ravings. They're shocked -- shocked -- that Ann Coulter, renowned fascist media mouthpiece, would say such rotten awful offensive things about Liberals/Gays/Lesbians/Arabs/John Edwards' Hair. Cripes, why the hell don't they get over themselves and get their heads around the idea that yes, of course Ann Coulter is saying rotten awful offensive things about (insert political/social/ethnic/other identity group here) because that's HER GODDAMN' JOB, ya' friggin' doorknobs.

Hell, I'm almost to the point where I actually enjoy listening to some Liberal identity politics faction howling their asses off every time they let Ann Coulter push their goddamn' buttons...almost as much as the sound of Ann's emaciated little ass being paddled in the public press for it.

I'd skip the steel cage, though, as I've always loved the bad guys' putting the finishing touch on their opponents with the infamous piledriver from the top rope onto the floor outside the ring.


as a member in good standing of a clan
of rasss-lers

mike your wrong steel cage is ultimate
of course texas bull rope
ain't no walk in the roses either

my cousin sally down in
knoxville once used
the official bull rope
after a figure four
sleeper submission
to ...

"Creepy symbiosis." That about covers it. What would the Edwards-pushers even do without Boogeyman Ann & Her Slavering Clan to keep the disaffected in line. Vote For Me Or Gingrich Will Win And She'll Be Minister Of Aesthetics. Forget your stoopid right to marry, you stoopid queers. I'm trying to save you from Ann's charnel pit here, you fucking ingrates. Gimme' more money and hurry up about it. I have to go kiss the Bible-thumpers' asses again at 2 pm sharp.

Boogeyman Ann And Her Slavering Clan?

Huh, I think I may have heard them once, opening for The Plasmatics at The Bayou back in '79, I think.

But, in all seriousness about the symbiosis...

Has anyone else here noticed that the Donkeycratic Party and its hangers-on and (gag) voters almost seem a microcosm of Amerikan society? You know...

Vote Repuglican/Donkeycratic or else BinLaden/Bush will take over and we'll all be helpless before the Terrorists/Repuglicans!

This worked like a charm at the '04 Donkeycratic Convention, as I recall, even on people like Dennis Kucinich and Code Pink (which isn't really saying that much, I know), and today it still works wonders on cajones-free outfits like United For Peace And Democrats...uhh, Justice.

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