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Do I dare to eat an impeach?

By Owen Paine on Thursday July 19, 2007 01:16 AM

The sweet smell of impeachment is in the air again, but for what little it's worth, my own sense of the long-run effect of the Nixon impeachery? Negative.

As suggested here earlier on, entertainment value dictates the preference, I suspect.

As Grand Guignol, I'm all for it. I like choppin' lords' heads off. It's great fun, and they don't generally grow back, either. However, lords are easily replaced with new lords.

Now of course, here we're speaking mostly of lawyers not by any means lordly. And it'll be lawyers butchering lawyers. Sounds good, I know -- but -- like any contained sacrificing, any orderly process of execution, any topsy-turvy in a bottle -- the aftertaste is awful. And the next in line, whether cossacks, colonels, or, I must admit, commissars -- the people will have cowed themselves by their own bloodlust. When it's over, even in the best of all upheavals, when a thousand virtual head baskets are running out red spiders' legs -- won't it give us, not only a false sense of accomplishment, but (if we confessed the truth) spiritual exhaustion too?

After Dick's fall, the Ford/Carter era saw progs go stale and ashy of mouth. Frankly, I'd rather see us all chip away at the empire by fucking the corporations directly. Say, through a job site liberation movement.

Better by far we try that, I think, and fail, even -- than try erecting a chopping block on Capitol Hill, and succeed.

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There's a long list of things the legislature could and should do before considering impeachment. It's less glamorous to roll back the royal presidency, but that's what's needed -- assuming the "good of the country" has any meaning beyond a handy platitude.


The nice thing about impeachment, of course, is that it commits you to nothing, if you're one of the impeachers.


Scruggs' point I take it is that the Dems should get busy and reverse some of their own odious legislation, like the Patriot Act, and write new legislation to outlaw torture, domestic surveillance without a warrant, and put limits on practices like signing statements, invoking executive privilege, and no-bid contracts.

I dont know the rules for conviction in the Senate, but I'll bet the Repugs would muster the votes to defeat it, even if the Dems got impeachment out of the House. Everything they do is as predictable as a Three Stooges movie.


Impeachment? The guy was, even if through deceit and chicanery, re-elected - and has had virtually no legislative challenge to his reign of terror. This has been the collapse of our "democratic" institutions - the courts, the colleges, the worksites, the families - and we look to Congress for some sort of honest government? Okay, then, a job site liberation movement: there are practically no unions left, and the ones that remain are management proxies; once in debt, workers will roll over for anything to keep the cash flow going; there is nothing of value produced in this economy. The supersystem controls all, and we as individuals know that. Citizens of the developed world have been sending our taxes to arms manufacturers since the days we first sang folks songs about our fruited plains and drew crayon suns, and have signed the checks for military bases and guns and laptop bombs stockpiled across the globe - did we think that none of it would ever go off?

Impeachment? Naw. It's not like we're a Republic or anything. It's not like the Unitard Executive is (or even should be! harrumph!) subject to the rule of law. We need to be realistically realists about this and aim lower. Say, a slight raise in the minimum wage.



now that's a dark vision
but as i too often rejoin

"when u least expect it ...."

now to back you up some

lets take madame Butt-fingers
his coming uaw contract round ....

"my god ...that's not my large automobile
.. that's not my beautiful wife ..."

maybe we need a moment of supreme desperation

a rampage of cornered
debt smuthered
wage smurfs
destroying their job sites to save them ???

the nations scattered community
of black ghetto-ites
found similar rented nest fouling
at least communicative
of the depths of their righteous rage
back in the swingin 60's

my guess

its all comin down
a lot sooner
then dry eyed thinking
would lead us
to bet on

elect any dem
and watch
the feeble stitch not in time
the fuckin plant roof down


How will job site action solve the problem that we as a nation don't produce anything anymore? Your average citizen who doesn't work in the auto industry could care less if the UAW members are unhappy. Heck, fewer and fewer Americans buy "Union-Made" cars-and why should they, they suck! Do you think the average Oakland, CA resident who's watching his garbage pile high in the street feels any more sympathy for the Teamsters than they do for the mob-connected garbage company? Heck, thanks to successful propaganda, they probably think the Union folks "deserve" to get screwed. After all, the average American truly believes that he can haul himself into the overclass (or his kids can)and does not identify at all with "unionism."

Unions are passe. The only significantly unionized segment of the economy left is government-and if you are expecting sympathy for that kind of job action, Ronnie Raygun already proved you wrong.

Our economy has been off-shored. And, the great union surge is not going to come from the "service sector." Do you think Wal Mart will allow a "job action" or that anyone will sympathize at all with Wal Mart employees? I think you're wrong, Wal Mart simply closes down "difficult" stores. Wal Mart customers honestly believe that Wal Mart workers "deserve" to get screwed. I've had vociferous Wal Mart shoppers tell me that explicitly.


lord brian :

"How will job site action solve the problem that we as a nation don't produce anything anymore"

it doesn't ...but it does express it

to solve it
requires a drastic alteration of the global exchande rate regime

in brief as i one note every where

the north currencies must plunge in value against
the south currencies

but we must
take that up
with the giant 7 seas corporation's
gubmint stoogery:
the fed-treasury complex


lord brian II:


but the unions
(like dixie )
shall rise again


Good to see that someone responding doesn't get the royal smackdown other fulminatin' sites seem to respond with. If unionism is "passe," then let it be said that we are a stupid, bloated, authority-led bunch of errant sheep.Who got the workers of the US any rights - thug-hiring bosses? What power does any atomized American have, except to trust that unearned privilege lets the flock continue to graze in the rapidly fouling pasture. What is this "republic" stuff and "rule a- law," as the bejeweled moron vice-presidential candidate Jack Kemp used to invoke a hundred times a speech? Has there ever been a jail full of robber barons? How many second houses have ever returned to the peasantry? Impeach them all, but what force in American politics, having never done so, having no historical basis for its necessary courage, will arise out of this BLEAK mire? Suit-and-tie DC DLC apparatchiks? The black ghetto had 300 years of slavery to base its brief social explosion of anger upon, and now you want soccer Moms and Trader Joe's dads to approximate this Storm-the-Bastille?


mjosef wrote:

now you want soccer Moms and Trader Joe's dads to approximate this Storm-the-Bastille?
I can see this one going two ways. Either the housing bubble somehow holds up, in which case young people will be spared the brain-eating mortgage trap. I have high hopes for the kids, as long as they can't buy, or think they've bought, a house.

Or, alternative 2, the bubble bursts so bad that all those soccer moms end up in crummy rental housing, with the speculative gains they were counting on gone, gone, gone. Those soccer moms are a rough crowd. I've had my toes trodden and my ribs elbowed by these palookas, and if they get good and mad -- well, watch out!


mjosef: Of course unionism got us many of the good things.

The problem is, the economy is fundamentally broken. And by economy, I mean REAL economy-producing things other people want to buy or use. OUR "creativity" turned 100% to things like building useless and overcomplicated weapons systems, concocting ever more elaborate ways of buying and selling ever more abstracted debt "products" and speculative silliness, and corrupt cultural products that other people steadily and increasingly reject (or steal) as alternatives become more available.

How will a strike at a union plant building Ford Expeditions, or Chevrolet Impalas accomplish anything? Especially when the Deciders will just shut that plant down and spin off the company to some arbitrage vultures?


any service job site upheveal
will be provoked

any mall monster or big box job site action
will first be provoked

the walmarts are the new paradigm ...of course

a factory occ has mostly
post figurative
signifigance now
as much as i'd like a new flint
it would in deed be a last gasp revival

(i'd prefer a serious container yard
rampage actually)

brian you're too pessimistic
too down on
" dis-Graceland "

we can build stuff here again
tariffs helped
in the 19th century

a low dollar can help now

we only need this lower dollar
to kick start the down cycling
facturing sector


how much lower a dollar
do we need
to really turn this around ???

we'll need to find out won't we

and we can
if ever
a Popular Will
the hi fi helm

when and if it does

the mission oughta be

lower the dollar
and keep lowering the dollar
till our trade gap closes


My fear, though, is we have already dug ourselves in too deep. To have the dollar valued where it really needs to be would mean interest rates skyrocketing to the point that all debt-based economics crashes down.

It's probably inevitable and necessary, but at least toss a quarter in MY cup when that occurs.


"To have the dollar valued where it really needs to be would mean interest rates skyrocketing"

ahh this is where we prove our cleverness

i contend its not the case
national economic managers
can pick any two out of three
but only two out of three
between controling
exchange rate interest rate and inflation rate

-- a theorem of
my mentor mundell -----

his theorem postulates
a full (all n markets)
no slack economy

not real ...eh ??

so first we can use the slack to absorb
our sudden boom demand pressure
and still dive the dollar
ie there will be no need for higher nominal interest rates and if in time there is
the gap will be closed or we'll be so revered we can impose a mrak market as a new dimension of policy control ala lerner-vickrey
but i morph wonky eh ??

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