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Kos joins the big-time sellouts

By Michael J. Smith on Friday July 13, 2007 01:54 PM

From my inbox:
Special News Bulletin: YearlyKos Welcomes Another Candidate to Groundbreaking Leadership Forum

The YearlyKos Convention team is pleased to welcome Senator Hillary Clinton to the second annual, historic gathering of the netroots in Chicago this August. Clinton joins Senators Edwards, Obama, Dodd, and Governor Bill Richardson as a participant in the first ever collaborative presidential forum with both a respected blogger(Joan McCarter of DailyKos) and a leading member of the traditional media (Matt Bai of The New York Times Magazine) as moderators, with author and blogger Dr. Jeffrey Feldman facilitating questions from attendees.

A "respected blogger"? Isn't that, like, an oxymoron?

The short history of Kosnikia provides a really brilliant, crisp case-study in the operation of the Democratic Party as a engine of co-optation. Matt Bai! When he shows up, you know the vultures have stopped circling -- they've landed and begun to dine.

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Already looking forward to your coverage of the vulturefest.

Kos has joined the big-time sellouts?

You mean, like, just now, today?

Hell, I thought they always were, just as a matter of principle (or, in their case, lack of principle).


Always a sellout, but arguably only now has he reached the big time.

tim d:

Anyone read the latest installment of Bill Blum's anti-empire report?


some juicy stuff on hillary...the latest counterpunch newsletter had some interesting hillary history too. if anyone is interesting in reading it, i can forward the pdf of it (although i'm sure Cockburn and St. Clair will publish it on the site soon enough).

Tim M:

Well of course Hilary is one of the 'serious' candidates.

Mistah Smiff writes:
A "respected blogger"? Isn't that, like, an oxymoron?

Actually, no.

What an oxymoron is is someone who, during the birthing process, has their throat tangled so tightly in the umbilical that the oxygen flow to the brain is partially constricted, rendering them hopelessly stupid -- that is, a moron.

Many of these oxymorons, however, have gone on to fill useful roles in society, such as CEOs and roundtable talk-show pundits.

Dare I fantasize that some version of "The Dean Scream" will occur at this year's junket ? Taking down not only Hillthatcher, but Kos' empire, too ?

I just want it all to irrevocably collapse beneath the little turd and his repugnant minions ("McJoan," the "respected blogger," etc.) before he has a chance to sell it to MSM or whomever for mega-bucks. Then he can return to selling p*rn* sites for a living-- a much more suitable career for him than political analysis has been, or could ever be...

Yes, porn is KO$' natural milieu. He certainly wasn't sharp enough to cut it with the republicans and he's little more than a useful idiot with the dems.


why the special anima/animus
toward the kosbots ??

are they not exposed enough already ??

i agree we all can never get enough
of the nixon of Democracy ...mother clinton

she is
that ultimate
heavy bag
always worth a thump or two

but kos and comapny ???

i suggest we leave em be

let 'em subside
into their own acids
no one envies them
their post crest moments eh ??

lets move on to the next dot com

let em
bubble and boil
down to broth
un watched and

let us aim our precious
razz-berries else where

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