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Nancy and the dungeon

By Owen Paine on Tuesday July 10, 2007 02:56 PM

Delayed flash, from the peace, good jobs, and love-ya-baby Demo House we elected last fall:

42 Democrats ... voted to keep the world's foremost torture school, the School of the Americas, open during a House vote on June 21.

Now that's crossing the aisle for empire! Can you beat it? Our Latin academy of electric blue mangling, saved by the cross-aisle voting of alg those stout donks.

And they were needed, too -- it was a close call; the endsville bill missed passing by 6 votes only.

Note well: several leading house humanists among the missing in action, including Charles Rangel of New York and who else, her worship madame Speaker.

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What's the big surprise? The Dems died in 1968, in the summer, in Chicago. Their vile ghost keeps hanging around only because people keep voting for their non-candidates out of habit. Besides, they have been just as bad -- worse actually -- as the "opposition" when it comes to wars, torture (except they do a little better job of hiding it), and other empire-building activities. Be sure not to forget their strong preference for corporate rather than individual well-being. And they don't have any qualms at all over lying to we the people when it suits their needs, just like the other, far, far, right, royalist wing of the ruling corporate party.

From 1972 on, they have offerred nothing but wishy-washy nobodies (including George "I'm 1,000 Percent Behind Tom Eagleton" McGovern), or what are really moderate Republicans as candidates.

I mean, Reid and Pelosi as leaders? Give me a break. They might be OK as clerical staff. Maybe as staff analysts at best. Where the hell are the Huey Longs? The Henry A. Wallaces? Hell, even another FDR would be a breath of fresh air.

Anyone who has any faith whatever left in the Democratic Party is either wealthy, or under the spell of PR flacks who get their messages out through the corporate brainwashing media ... or is simply the type of person who loves submission and servitude to some "higher" authority. I have only sympathy for all but the wealthy.


right on hr
this is indeed in complete agreement with the SMBIVA mass line

but dear sir we must make THE BEST WE CAN
of today
out of what madame History's moles produced

and so ...this site

t'is clear we ronin radicals
all of us
need to take effective direct action

"the spontaneous movements"
among which are
the confrontation with the two headed party monster
not so grande a purpose as say
moving the job site smurfs
into boss class attack mode


the imperial potlatch

but lets start
with just one great notion

a no mas movement
on the nations antique fatuous sterile
of people power tokenism
the feckless
formal collaboration and submission ceremony
we call electing our leaders

the non choice vote system
the hideous
of stuffing the poisoned ballot box

but how to organize its organizers

turn free radicals
into pro tem
effective org cadre
not so easy eh ???

destroy all monsters indeed
there's plenty of tasks ahead

but thru what organization ???
our organizations have failed us

beating on the donk
allows us to avoid the real failure

to focus on job one
our own organization building

surely the urge to spontaneous resistence
is everywhere these days

but we would be social catalysts
must remember
with out some gaents speeding up the process
making qualitative state change
out of the rising level
of spontaneous mass energy ....

can this all
coalesce into a battering ram ????

your very correct notion
is also a well worn notion by now

the dem party at this stage
like the ballot process itself
has become a social poison :
an agent(s) that reacts
with social catalysts
to reduce or eliminate their effect

disinhibitors unite !!!!

rip apart
the smurf smuthering entity

the hee haw BIG D

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