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Let George do it

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday August 7, 2007 01:09 PM

More deep pathos from Daily Kos:


YearlyKos Appeal to Soros: Fund a Real Counterweight to AIPAC
by Robert Naiman
Mon Aug 06, 2007 at 08:01:29 AM PDT

At a well-attended panel at YearlyKos on the "Arc of Crisis" in the Middle East, there was a spirited discussion about what, if anything, to do about U.S. policy towards Israel and the Palestinians....

[T]here are indeed groups in Washington working to counter the influence of AIPAC on U.S. policy towards Israel and the Palestinians, the most influential being Brit Tzedek v'Shalom, Israel Policy Forum, and Americans for Peace Now. But ... these groups are underfunded and not as effective as they could be.

Not so long ago, it seemed these groups had a practical plan to address these shortcomings. In October, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reported:

"A top staffer for billionaire philanthropist George Soros met recently with senior representatives of the dovish pro-Israel community to discuss setting up an alternative to the American Israel Public Affairs Committee."
Apparently Soros backed out.... Sadly, I don't have a personal relationship with George Soros, or I would call him up and appeal to him directly. So I will appeal to him here....
There follows a lengthy obsequious open letter to Soros begging him to become the pwoggies' moneybags-ex-machina and summon into being, from out the vasty deep, a pwoggie counter-AIPAC.

Hey, if you can't build a movement, buy one. Or better yet, get a sugar daddy to buy one for you.

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"Are ya gonna, George, Will ya, George? Will ya, huh, George?"
-- All Daily Kos readers combined
(with apologies to John Steinbeck)

But, seriously, folks, it reminds me of an excellent old Bill Brown cartoon from the '92 campaign in which H. Ross Perot is shown throwing a sack of cash into a secretary's lap and telling her to "...go out and buy me a groundswell!"


The begging as a general thing would bother me a lot less if the Kosniks could formulate some kind of coherent political vision, beyond electing more Democrats. They could do an awful lot to undercut AIPAC themselves, without any sugar daddy-sponsored lobbying groups, by making noise and exercizing whatever leverage a bloc their size has.

Soros could pour hundreds of millions into their feckless, doughy middle manager Otpor and still not address their major problems: they have no idea what they're doing and their leaders have only the low cunning of dotcom bubble marketing careerists.


J Alva really lets 'er rip, there, and hits the target. But I wasnt clear that Kosnia was begging for themselves but for some shadowy group like AIPAC that would go around Congress telling people they might lose the next election, if they voted for . . . .

But could Soros even begin to approach the combined monetary resources of AIPAC?

I actually find it kind of weird that Naiman did this for Kos, since most of the Kosniks I know (three) are also pro-Israel (although in a nuanced way, of course)

Are Koswacks on the grift now? And what would Soros want with another pwoggie style front group when he's already got Moveon.com?


They're crashing the gates! Soros did, at one point, speak out against AIPAC and uncriticial support for Israel, which means he's animated by the same thirst for justice as the Kosniks and therefore will be anxious to spend his money along the lines they recommend. In return, they will take up their sledgehammers -- against the edifice of that rent seeker's delight, the partially privatized Keynesian military state (PPKMS) -- by voting for Senator Clinton, a wholly owned subsidiary of the PPKMS.

I just realized something else, here...while skimming through all the Yearly Kos dispatches, I distinctly recall the DK honcho -- or another stalwart at the DK -- referring to the denizens of DK as "Kossacks".

This kind of caught me off-guard a bit, as I dimly recall who the Kossacks were and their role in Russian history (thanks to my affordable college education), and I had to ask: Do the DK folks know this or not, and if they do, are they just trying to be wise-assed and ironic?

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