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Like the man said

By Owen Paine on Tuesday September 4, 2007 09:06 PM

It is an old and historically established maxim that obsolete social forces, nominally still in possession of all the attributes of power and continuing to vegetate long after the basis of their existence has rotted away...... once more summon all their strength before their agony of death, pass from the defensive to the offensive, challenge instead of giving way, and seek to draw the most extreme conclusions from premises which have not only been put in question but already condemned.
Enter presidential aspirant Hillary Rodham Clinton, the ride-the-ass-backwards St Joan of DLC-Zionian Democracy.

I predict, if her party faction can buy her the nomination, by 2010 the whole damn donkey juggernaut will start to crumple up like tinfoil.

For your own sakes, ye hacks of electoral success -- cry out now, "ABH! ABH! ABH!"

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But she is so STRONG. So RUGGED. She will defend us from the Muslimocommiefascits!

I wonder if the United States is so calcified that we can even allw ourselves another 1856 moment? I'm not sure that the Democratic Party is the only thing heading for total dissolution and collapse.

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