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Bobby throws a bombie

By Owen Paine on Sunday October 21, 2007 03:16 PM


More from the undauntable, 12-handicap R. Reich, former Clinton policy caddy, now chasing after the dembo-chiefs' golf cart, yelling with no effect -- "see that five-iron of mine on 13, guys?"

Bobby's club of choice for the present prog sandtrap lie? Forget lagging it up -- go for the pin: a net worth tax!

His words:

An annual wealth tax of one half of one percent on net worth of people holding more than $5 million in total assets.
By jingo, both God and the Devil himself must love this guy -- I know I do. A wealth tax! And on the living, too... My, my.

Fore! Bob's playing through.

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Owen, you have a terrible weakness for any display of gumption. Well I say God bless him too. But the meaner part of me looks forward to him trying to make sense of the fig leaves Mother Clinton will use to festoon her policy.

Bill O'Connor:

No fig leaf necessary, at the first whisper of dissent, the Burson-Marsteller PR machine won't leave a scrap of flesh on my bones for the pigeons to peck at.


"But the meaner part of me looks forward to him trying to make sense of the fig leaves Mother Clinton will use to festoon her policy"

will sir bob
be a demi-loyal gadfly
or on stage
party bug swallower ???


"No fig leaf necessary"

full frontal hillary ????

party politics if not a blood sport among jackasses
is still full of fucked faces
pouring kold sweats
shamed faces angry and red
shocked faces petrified and greenish white
and of course there;s the buckets
of big warm self pity-ing tears

A bombie? More like a pop-it from a toddler's Ford-of-July party. He knows damned well there'll be no wealth tax. And who does he think he's advising anyway? He quit Kill Klinton. Killary is the new and improved version of that regime, which continues to represent the left edge of the media-viable electoral scam-a-thon.

And why the love in general? This golfer whiffs 5 or every 10 strokes, and puts down a 3 for the other 5 he hits. To wit, he continues to peddle such fish-tales as this: "Roughly between 1945 and 1975, America struck a remarkable accommodation between capitalism and democracy. It combined a hugely productive economic system with a broadly responsive and widely admired political system. America in those years achieved its highest degree of income equality (since measurements have been available)."

Oh, yeah? What accommodation would that be? The Taft-Hartley Act of 1947? That little ditty killed 1930s labor law and remains the main shackle to this day on what little labor movement survives. Just because the cash was rolling in from wartime savings, you don't get to turn around and deny reality.

This hacker's trying to excuse and rescue capitalism -- in 2007. That was quaint in 1988. Now, "Superdeluded" is more like it.



corporate capitalism's "accommodation"
to the people's rule
didn't mean capitulation...did it ??

the surrender at flint
like munich
has been avenged

and yes uncle walt's treaty of detroit
if not
the act of a quisling
was indeed
the act of a duckling

but who's counting the weigh stations here

the contract to end all contracts
was just
signed by the Finger

completes the trip back to square one

like a system of locks
the contract by contract re-lowering
of wage targets
over the last 35 years
has brought industrial orged labor
back down to deep sea level


"And why the love in general?"

turn the other cheekery

advising deaf demos
and giving Bull Connor
the Rockwell commode brush

square one's number was 30s

Joe M. ate it for brunch


Yes, we should all listen raptly to such incendiaries from FORMER CLINTONIANS. They wwere there, at the seat of power, and all Reich could talk about was edumacation for the benighted masses. Anybody, with the slightest degree of active mind, should see the monolithic power of the obscenely, rapaciously American rich, and stop. fortwith, issuing pies. Better to start issuing, if you want the slightest nod from me, a mea culpa. Why this late-in-the-game populist economic proposals from an out-of-power former Treasury secretary? Why not when he was in the chair next to corporate America's second-favorite?



"the monolithic power of the obscenely, rapaciously American rich"


in his latest book


forget the rapacity lectures
given a chance
we're all willing to be mollochs minions

change the rate and rule books

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