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Less than meets the eye

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday October 13, 2007 06:51 PM

Clinton Steps Away From Pro-Israel Lobby on Measure to Rein in President

Washington - Democratic frontrunner Hillary Clinton has built a reputation for strictly adhering to the pro-Israel line, but she now appears, for the first time, to be supporting legislation that is opposed by pro-Israel lobbyists.

Clinton announced last week that she would co-sponsor an amendment, proposed by Virginia Democrat Jim Webb, that would require the president to seek congressional approval before taking military action against Iran.

Ho hum. Dog bites man. This item was greeted with a certain amount of excitement in some quarters that I could name, but won't. Wow, these quarters wondered, is she feeling the heat from the grassroots? Is she defying the Lobby? Will she keep it up? Has she left the fold?

Dream on.

She hasn't left the fold, and won't. The Lobby has given her a pass, which any lobby is always willing to do for any given loyal lackey from time to time, as long as there are enough aisle-crossers left to give 'em a majority.

Hillary is such a valuable asset that the Lobby doesn't want her to have to take any unnecessary heat until she's safely ensconced in her husband's former chair. -- Well, maybe she'll use a different chair.

Regardless of chairs, I would bet that no intern, no matter what kind of underwear he or she might sport, will distract Hillary from her mission -- which is, of course, the same mission that her husband pursued so sedulously, without the low comedy.

Strange to think that the only person who might possibly make me miss Bill Clinton is... Hillary Clinton.

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Somehow believe it would take more than Hillary Clinton to make you miss Bill. Anyway, how is she worse than Giuliani (besides being a Democrat)?

When Franco comes to power here, I'll begin missing Clinton.

A bill that would require Congressional approval for war?

Cripes, isn't that already in the goddamn' Constitution?

Why does that somehow remind me of the "Balanced Budget Amendment"...basically, a declaration by Congress that they're now going to do the goddamn' job assigned to them by the Constitution?

Oh, and about missing Clinton when Franco seizes control of the US...isn't that a little like missing Juan Peron when Evita takes over?

And besides, lest you forget...Generalissimo Franco is still dead.


Hillary is worse than Rudy only because she's less human. Otherwise -- I mean in terms of concrete results -- no diff.

Same goes for Bill. Bill was at least human enough to make a fool of himself for a zaftig intern in a thong. Best thing -- in fact the only good thing -- that came out of his eight years in office.

Somehow, I can't imagine us getting even that much fun out of Hillary.


No, what happens is that one ramps up a war, and then Congress begs for the privilege of rubber-stamping it. You knew that.

It is very much like missing Juan when Evita takes over, except that Bill and Francisco were never formally married. Of course it doesn't make sense chronologically; I just don't know of any prominent U.S. fascists alive now, and I think it would take that to confuse me enough to miss Bill. To prefer (1) bombing Serbia and destroying the best shot at health care reform in the last fifteen years to (2) invading two countries and gutting civil liberties including habeas corpus isn't to miss the former, after all.

I think too much is made of Hillary's inhumanity, and a lot of it, esp. on the right, is because she's a woman. A cold man doesn't rouse nearly so much ire. I guess don't care so much about inhumanity as I do about evil. Find me someone who will do the right thing (ha) and I'd still vote for them if they were cold as a fish.

StO writes:
To prefer (1) bombing Serbia and destroying the best shot at health care reform in the last fifteen years to (2) invading two countries and gutting civil liberties including habeas corpus isn't to miss the former, after all...

...but let's not forget that Bubba did his level best to level the Constitution as well.

Don't forget how he howled for Congress to send him an internet censorship bill -- remember the Communications Decency Act? -- so that he could sign it.

Don't forget Bubba's original prototype for USA PATRIOT that he tried to bum's-rush Congress into passing after the '95 Oklahoma City bombing.

Don't ever, ever forget that Bill'n'Hill never met a Constitutional protection that they didn't hate.

This shit was never just about George W. Bush, f'cripesake; it's been about a whole class of people who've seized control of government and run this country into the ground while The Peopleā„¢ sat around watching M*A*S*H* and The Cosby Show and Seinfeld and Friends and Survivor.


Must admit I was a Seinfeld fan. The characters weren't people I could relate to, but the show caught the meaningless of life so perfectly.

I never said it was all about GWB, but post was about Hillary and missing Bill, there's only been one president since, and I didn't want to make the list too long.


"the show caught the meaningless of life so perfectly"

seinfeld ???

hell no
it showed life's little meanings
--motivating meanings--
have no lower bound

then again didn;'t we know that

we all or at least too many of us
could not only survive
but thrive
in a middle class update
of louis the 14th's court society

oh ya

that's university life already
isn't it

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