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Picayune and Propertarian

By Al Schumann on Friday October 26, 2007 10:53 PM

Global warming is a pressing issue. Pressing enough that stern measures are needed to protect Al Gore's intellectual property rights.

Some climate campaigners said Gore’s speaker fee – rumoured to be $180,000 – was not sending the right message. Journalists moaned after finding that his meeting with Angela Merkel, the German chancellor, was just a photo-op. No questions allowed.

More seriously, the heavy-handed restrictions on reporting Gore’s words at the conference caused headaches. Scribblers and television cameras were allowed to document the first five minutes of his comments, but then had to put their pens away and turn off their cameras. Journalists had to submit a written declaration that they would not break the rules, which were said to be necessary because of copyright restrictions


Neoliberalism's finest (hothouse) flower surely has enough money by now that he needn't worry about a few kids with YouTube accounts horking his precious market share. That speaker's fee alone should keep him flying for at least six weeks, to all his other gigs, for all those other fees. Maybe his pal Branson could spot him a ride when his jet is in the shop.

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the ghoulish rubber faced gore
has so "hubert the hump"-ified
this dashed
green earth vs brown planet thang

carbon clean up
is getting to feel like
the milk lobby


I swear the Dems adopt worthwhile things in order to kill them. They don't it consciously, exactly, they simply can't help themselves. Sort of like kids who see cans in the street and have to kick them -- or the dork with the MBA who knows how to maximize the church's bake sale revenue. Al saw global warming. He didn't think to himself. . .

"Hmmm. This is serious. Better make sure I become such a loathsome advocate that everyone prefers to be boiled alive!"

No, what he saw was an opportunity to do well for himself by doing good for others. Where doing good conflicts with doing well, he resolves the problem easily, in his own favor.

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