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Paine converts

By Owen Paine on Tuesday November 20, 2007 07:01 PM

Recently I made a significant personal discovery. Folks, your Painiac is... a self-awarded honorary Lutheran.

It happened while eyeing my way through this early passage in the great man's "Bondage of the Will," a thunderous polemical response to a lacey free-will-o-the-wisp tract by that Prufrock of the dawn years of our blightful age, sister Erasmus of the universal humanist conception.

Here's Marty -- a direct address to the mild-in-the-middle sage of the low countries:

"You [doc Erasmus] find so little satisfaction in assertions that you would rather take up the skeptic's position wherever... the Church's decisions permit.... Though you gladly submit your judgement to these authorities [sc. the Church catholic] in all that they lay down, whether you follow it or not, that is the outlook that appeals to you.... To take no pleasure in assertion is not the mark of a Christian heart. Indeed one must delight in assertions to be a Christian at all."
There Marty had me. Long reign Lutheran assertiveness! Let it empower all convinced hearts of whatever ideology to radiate hope in eventual salvation.

Dear brothers and sisters, the Democratic Party is now our very own whore of Babylon, her big tent our secular captivity. Go out into this world and act accordingly.

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