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Owen at the winter solstice

By Owen Paine on Wednesday December 26, 2007 08:49 PM


Is this vixen Captain Amerika's latest friend, or once and future Madame Fallgal?

I asked my old pal, attache without portfolio Comrade Y about her. He disappointed me of course, as he mostly does ever since those shining days back in the dorm at St Midas Prep. He answered like he's Akim Tamiroff, "maybe yes, my friend ...maybe no."

Not much help ... and yet it makes my point anyhow: Uncle can and will package his failed state time bombs any which way he can.

Bonne chance, Yulia. Whether you're the bomb or the target of the bomb, I'm on your side of the field.

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Tim D:

I can't stand Tymoshenko. Seriously, if she wasn't so charismatic and attractive, she would have long ago been deposited in the dustbin of Ukrainian "non-politics" (granted she's hardly unique in that regard). But seriously, how many more times will she pull the stake from her heart only to rise from her marble coffin stuffed with oil and gas money to terrorize the Russian-speaking (eastern) countryside? You know, Ukrainian politics are even more depressing than Russian, since it's about the same amount of corruption, but with MUCH lower stakes. Oooo NATO EXPANSION!!! big deal...


usually like your take

but this i question

"Oooo NATO EXPANSION!!! big deal..."

nato is uncle devil's crooked stick

Y'know, I never paid much attention to what was up in the Ukraine once I twigged that the OR was a big NED scam, so I had no idea who this woman was until I just now saw this, read the writeup and thought, "Good god, they've elected a Spice Girl!"

Tim D:

Owen, I'm sorry, you're right. NATO expansion is a big deal - especially for Eurasia, but the Russians are idiots. They could easily form strong alliances with their former satellites and the periphery republics, but they don't. Instead they are always trying to intimidate them and thus drive the local bourgeoisie and an indignant local population into the arms of "uncle", all the while making life for the Russian diaspora in those countries pretty miserable. What sense does it make. I mean, yeah, they all - including Russia - look to nearest metropole, Western Europe (and by extension, America) and try to emulate them in every way imaginable and vie for their favor, but still. Russia, under the right leadership - it's not Putin and Edinaya Rossiya, that's for damn sure - could build a strong, indepedent Eurasian Union to counter Europe, but they are so myopic, so narrowly nationalistic and racist, that they can't see the very real possibilities that lay right at their doorstep. *sigh*


tim d
i agree
russia often makes uncle's work easier
then it might be

i have an irrational fondness
uke nationalism
its misbegotten

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