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Talkin' 'bout my generation

By Owen Paine on Thursday December 13, 2007 05:28 PM

Lakshmi Chaudhry has made me tilt:


I'm for Project Obama now in the race for the White House. And why?

'Cause mother Clinton and the rest of the whole sick crew are all boomers -- except Obama. He's an X-onian!

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I always thought I liked Gen-X too, but Lakshmi made me reconsider:

As Jerome Armstrong, founder of MyDD.com and best known as the Blogfather of the progressive netroots, says, "It's people drawn from Generation X--the people who have gotten involved in politics this decade--who have brought about the whole new movement of progressive Democrats."

..."For many of us there was a feeling of being lost and politically isolated," Armstrong says. The feeling was not limited to X-ers, but they were a generation that had long been defined by an aversion to groups. "It was more anti-fake community," says Armstrong. "We didn't like being controlled or defined by an association with these fake communities like nationality, or religion or [corporate] brands."

Reminds me of Bertand Russell on Kant. Russell quotes Kant's observation that "it was Hume who first awakened me from my dogmatical slumbers," and then Russell adds, "but he soon found a soporific which enabled him to sleep once more."

In much the same way, Armstrong seems to have started with an aversion to "fake communities" and ended up devoted to the fakest community of all, the Democratic Party.


makes sense pillar to post

bounce off
an aversion to the hydra headed
identity politics
of the mirror-icon craving boomery
smack into
jack ass revivalism

worship the shrine
of the cravem image of the possible

faceless opportunism

Yes, Mr. Obama and Senor Ruskin are ever so right. Those old folks have been so busy fighting, they just haven't been able "to bring the country together to get things done."

Remember how they tore one another to shreds over single-payer health insurance? The war in I-Rack? The impeachments of GWB and Dickie? Taxing the rich? Labor law improvement? Sustainable transportation? Palestine? "No Child Left Behind?" The heartbreaking, heartbreaking carnage! I swoon away at the very memory of the savagery...

[Now I know why cartoonists draw X-es for dead folks' eyes...]

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