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Clap if you believe

By Owen Paine on Thursday January 3, 2008 05:45 PM

FDR all over again, part 3:

Placebo politics ... all the young dudes try to play that game, and FDR was a master of it, for sure, what with "all we've got to fear...", fireside chats can cure, etc.

"He restored America's respect for itself..." "got America to believe in itself again" -- Tinker Bell in a wheelchair.

Personally, I'm not much into faith healing. This shabby holy hot-air act weighs about as much in Clio's scales as fairy dust ought to. But certainly we have one candidature in today's field already feeding the masses this no-harm policy approach, and that's the candidature of the Obama outfit.

Like their blessed martyred template Mattress Jack, the barrack team digs the obvious "cost effectiveness" of serious high stakes placebo politics -- smoke and mirrors, being, of course, even cheaper than talk.

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Um, it was good that Ford pardoned Nixon, "because this country's wound needed to heal." Cookie?


Scruggs' "pull a Kucinich"—what's this refer to? Kerry in 2004?

I think I've got a recursive partial ranking procedure for scumminess of Democrat candidates. The absolute worst is zero (Hillary), and lower numbers are better. If candidate A throws support to candidate B, then the rank of A is one lower than that of B.

I'm guessing the capitulations will look like this:
Nader < Edwards < Hillary;
Kucinich < Obama < Hillary.

(-2 < -1 < 0.)

Any predictions on Gravel?

Gravel might avoid falling into this hell well.


It would be sweet if he did so and repeated (and expanded?) his observation about the scariness of the "major" candibots.

I wouldn't wager on that, despite my Gravel bumper sticker, which is affixed to back window, rather than rubber bumper, in anticipation of the need for a more-or-less quick scrape-away.

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