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One word: Jobs

By Owen Paine on Thursday January 31, 2008 06:37 PM

I kinda like the look of this chap – probably because he could be my half-Jewish half-brother with a slipped wig.

He's a union econ-con mouthpiece and I like that too. He's calling for billions in construction dollars for immediate public infrastructure projects -- low tech, hard hat division -- what's better than that? Green designs, sure, but who can wait for the blueprints? We gotta get the nailguns and sheetrock flying:


"The average age of public school buildings is roughly 40 years, and they need a total of at least $17 billion a year in maintenance and rehabilitation. Meanwhile, the U.S. Department of Transportation has found more than 6,000 major bridges that need to be repaired or replaced. On the environmental front, more than $4 billion in wastewater treatment projects are ready to go to construction, if funding is made available. Let’s provide the money for all these needs—schools, bridges, sewage treatment plants and more. Every $1 billion of construction spending creates 14,000 to 47,000 new jobs — and these should be good-paying union jobs — and also generates up to $6 billion in additional economic activity."

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C'mon, a "mouthpiece"? That bullshit. A "mouthpiece," by my definition, is an idiot. Jack Kemp, for example, was a "Rule a Law" bejeweled capital E-idoit "mouthpiece." This gentleman heads the Economic Policy Institute, which was started by Jeff Faux and others, and it kinds of deserves oh maybe what you might term "respect." It may not get us to the Promised Land, it may be a suit-and-tie too Reichian, but it has been talking up economic inequality far a long time, and if you are going to be using dismissive words about no, not a "union econ-con" (where the hell does the "con" come in - are youse trying to insinuate conservative, which would be dead wrong)- but a friend to the dismantling of the corporate supersystem, then why not just turn off the blog and call it a starbucks day?


"a friend to the dismantling of the corporate supersystem"

well that project could use a nice friend

A "mouthpiece," by my definition, is an idiot."

no one's an "idiot "
that gets paid to gas it up in public

"it kinds of deserves oh maybe what you might term "respect" "

"it" ????

what "it" ???
his hair piece

"a suit-and-tie too Reichian"

i like that line joe
its like
" a bridge too far "

"where the hell does the "con" come in "

when you get your advanced degree in economics
you get to add the con at the end

con as in
three card montee

thanks you make my day

my god would i love
ten such comments as yours every day

i'm just not good enough
to warrent the readership

god's speed
good spirit

I'm as interested in the AFL-ack byline as in the man himself.

Why, the aspiring Dem-Pac-mover in the art performance formerly known as the "CIO" might ask, are WE the ones quoting this rather obvious idea? Why not Madame Killary or Zbigniew Brzezinski's newest employer?

Could it be that the whole Labor subsidiary of the Demotron robot-guidance syndicate has long since been closed, with only the remaining furniture being peddled out the back door?

Who could write such stuff with any serious hope of being heard? Who could publish it while shoveling still more hard-won PAC coal into the fryers of the Oblivion Express?



great !!!

you know md
sometimes i get too giddy
to retain contact with the actual
compexity of it all

we must beware "knowing " too much
"seeing " thru to clearly
"plumbing "
the depths to completely

as my pop used to say

" then again there's a chance
you might have missed a spot or two "

Yeah, OP, you got my drift, but I was also just trying to get a rise out of somebody, somewhere -
I am the king of (0) comments. That is all I expect, and all that there seems to be (all this information, all this self-involvement, no capacity for Debate, no back-and-forth). No need for aw-shucks about yourself, though- you've got talent, kid.
Now, I have tried a little blogging myself, doncha know, available for (0) comments at thesupersystem.blogspot.com. In it I advance the mega -theory of "the Supersystem" that we are in, can do damn little to nothing about, and are seeing devolve by the fine and natural process of idiots being in charge of various institutions of agglomerating stupidity, or something like that.
2. I think a website devoted to "Dude, That is So NOT your Hair" would be big-time, and I would nominate the recurring over-aged CNN reporter on Washington Week in Review" who has a particularly lush Beatle mop-top atop.
3. Yeah, I'm sure EPI can be faulted for its share of gaseous emanation, (maybe that's the "it" I was noticing), but you then join with Princetonian ascetic-left Asperger's king Ralph? Why oh Why? He has been rightly faulted for having one damn fine corporate stock portfolio, and oh, for being a no -hope, no-effect (since the 60's)windbag. He's over, Johnny. What about some new blood? Oh yeah, that didn't work out too well either. Well, there's always the Socialist Worker Partei candidate, or Daffy Duck.
4. Yeah, MD, enough with the "recommendations" from the two pencil liberal think-tanks - in exactly what county in what part of what state is there the slightest "labor" presence? In the same vein, of all of the Nation's "editorials," is there a single one that was even read by one ID-carrying low-level aide of any government? Why all these earnest position papers, lectures, symposia, books, blogs, from folks without a single functioning lever of power?


"Why all these earnest position papers, lectures, symposia, books, blogs, from folks without a single functioning lever of power?"


but for its own sake...

an expressive species we can be....
some of us at any rate

"He has been rightly faulted for having one damn fine corporate stock portfolio"

frankly this is a point
i find of no value
the mapping of economic base
all the way up to concious political action
runs some mighty complex routes
in fact for a simple minded
figure on this no straight lines here

i'd say our political actions
are as contradicting of straight forward maps
as any high powered n part composite complex
exponential function

kids demo
of circular logic

i squared = -1 ...
i cubed = -i ...
i to the fourth = 1 ...
i to the ffth = i ....


a super system....
i like the ring of that

as a ground hog
it appeals to my grim
den digging closing the open system
totalizing instincts

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