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Owen at the church door

By Owen Paine on Friday January 18, 2008 02:02 PM

More Cliff notes on the return of the pale deal -- a scattering of theses:

1. Spiking the welfare state was the only progressive act Clio assigned the DLC.

2. No more collision mats or safety bags. Job-proles got to take back whatever the hell they can, right at the point of corporate extraction. Let's not vote on it anymore.... eh?

3. If we live under an unleashed transnational limited-liability profiteers' boardroom hegemony, then trying to get uncle to re-leash the bastards is nothin but a rubes' game. Fool me once....

4. Let 'em destroy the public school system, if that's what gives 'em kicks. Better the raw ones among us hit the streets than stay in the classrooms. Better Oliver Twist and Mealy Potatoes meet gangsta Fagin at 12, than stay shackled to a desk in the ding-dong arbittoir.

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Oy. Pretty damn bleak.

Not that our "leaders" inspire much confidence in anything else.....

So, OP...long story short -- as I've said myself for quite awhile -- things need to get far worse before they get better. I'm down with it.

And while we're in Dickens Territory, have a look at this recent report -- filed, appropriately enough, on the day after Christmas -- on a NY town where the town council's had the brilliant idea of allowing strapped elderly citizens to work off their property taxes instead of being run out of town:


Uh huh, that's right. Seven goddamn' dollars an hour.

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