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By Michael J. Smith on Friday February 22, 2008 11:28 PM

Lord, how I love it when somebody torches a US embassy -- or even tries. Here's to the Serbs.

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Hoorah, and big ups to the Serbs, indeed!

And, here's to my new sweethearts, the Serbian Riot Girls:


Still, I have to confess that the other morning, when I picked the Post up off my doorstep and saw that big, glorious, flaming, glowing red scene on the front page, I was a bit disappointed to discover that it was Belgrade and not Baghdad. Oh, well; can't have everything.

Belgrade's burniiii-n!
(bom ba dum dum bahhmm!)

MIchael Hureaux:

Right? Or in the words of that grand work of poetic eloquence:

The roof, the roof, the roof's on fiyoh
we don't need no water
let the mothafucka burn!
Burn mothafuckah, burn!


yes i prefer the liberation of some
fine toys

behold dawson

the finale consumers ballet

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