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Sir David Rotifer

By Owen Paine on Sunday February 24, 2008 08:43 AM

Read this one, fans -- flabby-brained netscamp David Sirota's cri de coeur to his Kosniki mates: "don't hate me -- just 'cause I made it big in the MSM."

Seems every time Davie posts anything now at Daily Kos, a small group of very vitriolic and very angry people personally attack him -- and well, it "confuses" and "hurts" the poor pwoggie lambkins. After all, "youse is s'posed to be my loyal fan base, guys and gals!"



Lexicostatistical note from the editor: Sirota's plaint contained a hefty 2425 words, of which 159, or 7%, were various forms of the first person singular pronoun.

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"I me my"?

Huh. Sounds like he's plagiarizing George Harrison.

Also looks like he's been to Ricardo Montalban's hairstylist.

Bat Delacourte:

That's good old Bob Dobalina. What's he doing posting at Kos?


Couldn't you have made a link? Now dkos is all up in my Location bar (I checked Mozilla help; that's what its called).

Well, I'll be goddamned.

I suppose this might be as good a time as any to confest that, at the age of ten, I indeed owned a copy of the Monkees' "Headquarters", containing that weird minute and a half of lyrical phrases repeated and multitracked over each other, including -- all together now:

Mr. Dobalina,
Mr. Bob Dobalina...

Couldn't quit thinking about it, now, so I did a little Google digging, and came up with this bit from "Yahoo! Answers":

The name Bob Dobalina was first used by the Monkees who first heard the name in an airport. Over the intercom, they heard an announcement that said "Final Boarding call for Mr. Dobalina, Mr. Bob Dobalina"; they liked the way it sounded and kept saying it to each other and eventually made a song out of it....

Apparently, some comedic film director must've also owned a copy of "Headquarters" and used the name for a character in his film "Zilch" (which was also the name of the old Monkees track).

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