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The new Tom Lantos...

By Michael J. Smith on Monday February 25, 2008 06:18 PM

... seems to be Jackie Speier here, who had a brief moment of national fame in '78, as an aide to grandstanding California congressman Leo Ryan when he went to "investigate" Jonestown -- a legislative intervention which ended even more badly than most.

Since Jonestown, she has had a solid, steady career in California local politics.

Before Lantos departed for that great photo-op in the sky, he anointed Speier as his successor. Perhaps it's not even necessary to say more -- for any person of sense, that should be condemnation enough. But of course the devil is always in the details. What's Ms Speier all about? Anybody know?

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Well, as far as what she's all about, you've pretty much spelled it out. Couldn't tell you much else, other than that she's pretty OK looking, considering she's the Bride Of Dracula. She certainly dresses a lot better than that Samantha Power chick.

As far as political intervention ending badly in Jonestown -- hell, it ended with a politician being shot; how can that be bad? And, look at the excellent new expression -- "drinking the Kool-Aid" -- that came out of it?

And, speaking of which...when the bulletin first came over NBC about the incident in Jonestown which ended badly -- for the politician, at least -- was I the only one thinking it was another one of those fake NBC bulletins that SNL often liked to open with? I distinctly recall that space between the end of the local 11pm news and the beginning of SNL -- where you get your commercials and your station/network ID -- being interrupted with the Jonestown bulletin. My pals and I were sitting around the dorm, passing the bong awaiting the start of SNL (as usual), and the bulletin came on; I recall we started laughing, and continued laughing for the first twenty or thirty seconds of it, thinking it was SNL, until it finally dawned on us that whoa, dudes, this one's for real. I remember there being something so outrageous, so startling, so friggin' weird about it, that we were all thinking, "ahh, hell, SNL is pulling our leg again..."

But, noooo-ooo (as John Belushi would say)...it was, in fact, one of the first times I can recall life imitating SNL.

David D:

I visitied two of her pages dated 2006 and 2008, one slogan is,"Politics is the second oldest profession after??" I can only retort either hunting or prostitution. I'd be interested in her achievements as either one of those. Great picture of a dedicated fan on 2006.

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