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They'll eat it and they'll like it

By Owen Paine on Tuesday February 12, 2008 09:11 PM

Alex C and Mr St Clair tell us: "Hillary has the support of the white working class." If so -- whither organized labor, amongst fears of an Obama class divide?

In the last successful uprising against the party machine, way back in 1972, the unfledged majority of McGovern's insurgent delegates, dancing about the convention floor in obscene triumph, caused then-union mogul George Meany to have, in the words of the immortal Hunter Thompson, "brain bubbles", and in the subsequent national race to the White House, the hapless McGovern ran largely sans big labor's helping hands and cash.

So how 'bout it -- will the suntanned ghost of RFK have a similar fate if nominated? I doubt it. For one thing, the Pope and the Zionists have long since left the house of labor to tend to its domestic pigeon droppings pretty much on its own -- such alas are the wages of senile-onset dwarfism -- and besides, the party machine wants a new look. And needs one, Lord knows.

Now if Obama didn't have his "fair share" of corporate friends -- why then -- even a union hard-on for him as impressive as Lyndon Johnson's legendary prick wouldn't be able to get him the nod.

Of course the really interesting question is, can Obama the gentleman from the state of Lincoln beat the white-flight votin' booth jinx?

Hey, why not -- I mean, fer Chrissake, all bad things must end, and at this point all this talk about Jesse in Wisconsin -- that hideous day in 1988 when exit poll samples and counted votes looked like they came from different universes -- well, to me, in today's traffic, that sounds like Simple-Simon style Hillary eyewash.

Basic fact: McCain '08 can't win even if he gets all the Paps in America to put aside their beer cans, march to the local place of election and pull the lever for a hundred-year war and a pink slip. Hanoi Johnny is no more going to win next fall than Barry G in 64.

Nice touch, Clio. Then it was the loony reactionary who was sacrificed by the vital corporate party center. This time it'll be the goony moderate, run out and off the plank by the spirited god-fearin' right rump

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i feel it only
honest and fair
to note
the obie one's oratory
does not offend me
not in the least
in fact
like la hill's settled body

i've grown fond ....

but that damn white shirt.......


"Fifty-eight percent of Maryland union members voted for Sen. Barack Obama (D-Ill.), with Sen. Hillary Clinton (D-N.Y.) getting 37 percent of the union vote. In Virginia, Obama received 63 percent of the union vote, compared with 36 percent for Clinton, similar to his statewide results."


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