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Circus Maximus

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday March 4, 2008 11:50 AM

A chap on one my my mailing lists, who shall remain anonymous here but has in the past enjoyed a certain reputation in the left-wing blogosphere, writes as follows:
... the choice IS between BHO and HRC, so comparisons are in order. I have said that on paper there is not a ton of difference. From the standpoint of behavior, however, with WJC/HRC we have a rich record of betrayal. BHO at least deserves a chance to betray us.
Surely he's being humorous, you say? Alas, I fear not. This post is the latest in a long series arguing that 'Bama vs. Mama matters.

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fashioning a serious choice
between identity twins ???

after SNL and all that

talk about appearence politics

why not this :

the two
fucking each other
on a joint hook up
mtv and c span

round one
hill on top

round two
ohboy does her ass hole

apropos dah post quote
what harmonious sequence
of meme-cords
strike inside these noble heads
to accompany such blither

David D:

No, he dosn't deserve shit.

Except the right to fuck hills asshole!

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