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Here's the beef

By Owen Paine on Wednesday March 12, 2008 03:20 PM

If Obie wants to scotch all this talk about him for Ma Scorpion's veep, then he oughta name his own running mate right now. My idea of the perfect candidate for him: "Out Now" t-shirt commando Adam Kokesh, the self-christened "revolutionary patriot".

All those slightly long-in-the-tooth white gals who form Hillary's core cadre will drop her in a heartbeat, once this Chippendale's on the ticket.


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And probably more than a few long-in-the-tooth white guys as well, not all of them gay.


Duncan has a point. There are a lot of soldier buffs out there, and they are by no means rare among the Pwog ranks, judging by the revolting fawning adulation Wesley Clark got at the Yearly Kos convention I attended, coupla years ago.

Tim D:

Eh I don't really get his blog though. I only read the first few entries, but the one on fallujah didn't sit well with me. Am I missing something there?

By the way, here's a money quote:


Hillary Clinton said: "I want to put that in context. You know I am sorry if anyone was offended. It was certainly not meant in any way to be offensive. We can be proud of both Jesse Jackson and Senator Obama.

"Anyone who has followed my husband's public life or my public life know very well where we have stood and what we have stood for and who we have stood with," she said.

yeah, we do know...

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