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Obamania takes a quantum leap?

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday March 2, 2008 09:54 PM

Very scary. The Fasc-O-Meter twitches into the red zone:

The incantatory repetition of the Great Leader's name. The waggling, pointing Uncle- Sam- Wants- You fingers. And all those nice-looking young people with appealing cheekbones, intense but not un-cool -- that's the worst. That's the authentic Riefenstahl touch.

Maybe Hillary's not so bad after all. At least, nobody would ever call her cool -- and even better, nobody really believes in her. I'm starting to get a bad feeling that people really do believe in Obama, which is just about the direst of dire news.

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That is terrifying! I would like to see...a cleaner Earth. Sadly, the only way to really get that is for, say, 80% of us to voluntarily self-euthanize. :)


father never fear
obama is bottled fizz

a little hope never warped any dirty soul
after all
its easily washed away

fascists are not made
of soft curl shampoos

these secretly self loathing
petty respectable me-nads
with latent
mind stream alter-targets
free but ready to clot
still need to be put
thru slaughter
temporary stateless ness
nite mare regime moments
partial invasion and take over
and such further futility
and national humiliation
for ten years
culminating in a total economic collapse

then you'll get the grapes of wrath squeezed into final solution type hopers juice

David D:

Give Urkel some cheese on that one and get ready for the largest celebrity bow movement since Rock the Vote and Syriana. It's embarresing to watch. Completely grotesque, and sadly head shakingly amusing. It's comical for one to think Starletts like John Leguizamo and Theo Huxtables charecters in that scripted, Jenny Craig ad, is anything more then career revitalization. Someone actually refers to him as a MacGyver, and I agree. He's able to use mundane materials around himself to continuously bore America through their television.


in fact
this magic negro
bagger barrack gig
looks to be more
the antedote
robot true heart
the contrivance
of the wizard uber juden

the real red white and blue
mcPaleface questions:

who's behind the black face messiah ???

is it ....brace for a euphemism ....
"the media elite "

the confederacy of humanists want to know

should we prepare our seffs
for a volley of
low altitude
white lightin ???

just a last ditch
spasm of quarter acre ranch style
fear and loathin'???

Michael Hureaux:

Not good.


I'd totally tap the finger-pointy guy at 1:55.

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