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The vulture circles

By Owen Paine on Tuesday March 11, 2008 06:22 PM

Few would have dared forsee this three months ago, and even now most seem not to want to let it register. But no matter what, there's gonna be a mighty bad collision between the Dembo's two identity pol dolls -- and Hanoi Johnny will be the sole beneficiary.

Try as they may, not even the sharpest beltway cynics and opportunists, working 24/7 from now to the convention in august, will find some advanced yoga position to put these two into and convince both their bases it's a win.

Black man, white woman, one must fail -- this has legs, and arms and mouths, mouths that will cry foul till November, when their champion is "dumped" by the party's Mr Insider types. Dumped, did I say? No, robbed! Stabbed in the back!

So its beginning to look mighty good for the Poopdeck Pappy express, that is, unless... unless... at the last moment, an aged, bloated, improbable-looking toreador enters the arena, and with lumbering gait offers himself to the weebles -- oh no, not him -- not the party's Uncle Fester -- not... Al Gore!

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Once again...why am I not surprised? I'm sure your average DP higher-level hack has long considered this, considering Plastic Al's longtime concerted effort to rehabilitate his public image with his Oscar-winning PowerPoint presentation and his Nobel Prize.

This somehow reminds me of one of my favorite PBS documentary series, the four-part "Spaceflight" series from the mid '80s, which contained some of my favorite launch footage of all time: a lengthy montage of spectacular (unmanned, of course) Mercury-Atlas booster failures from the late '50s/early '60s -- all ending in awesome explosions, of course -- voiced over by an interview with John Glenn, in which Glenn talks about his feelings re:riding to orbit atop a vehicle built by the lowest bidder on a government contract.

The culminating footage was of an Atlas rising majestically from the pad, seemingly headed to a successful flight, until it suddenly does a U-turn in midair and heads straight for the ground, much like a rocket built by Wile E. Coyote and, needless to day, is detonated by the range safety officer.

Which brings us back to the point: just as I thought nominating Hillary was the most self-destructive thing the DP could do, now they're thinking of running Plastic Al Gore for VP. P'wahh ha ha ha hah haaahhhh.

One little problem, though: the Constitution specifically forbids non-native-born citizens from holding the office of President -- including, as I recall, androids.


"Hill's millions will, after a quick mind-douche, slither, every man- and woman-jack of 'em, right back under the tent."
op hiz-seff

wrongggggg !!!!!

okay so her union core of hacks ..ya
and maybe
the bulk of the kosniki too

but ...even forget obie
waving the clean white shirt at the paps
since popeye's pop prolly grabs them anyhow
turn to these dembo base-niks
exhibit A
the pleb-white "i'm no cinder-lady " zillions
and ponder
the fury-envy evoking ....
"self put down" exploding in their minds envisioning
a long limbed
"outspoken " madame obie
cavorting about as jackie O ...
hostess in the white house

exhibit Z
many things lower order
and latin-brown
are repelled by things black
and "up top "

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