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The paranoid style in Pwog politics

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday April 15, 2008 11:10 AM

The Kosniks are really chewing the carpet over Mayhill Fowler, who reported Obama's remarks, to a group of San Francisco billionaires, about "bitter" small-town white folks.

One poll on Kos showed more than 70% of respondents thought Fowler was either a Republican or a Clinton "operative" (the Kosnik poller's own oddly Larouchian word). Five percent believed Fowler's own account of why she published Obama's observation -- she said she was inclined to support Obama but upset by the apparent condescension. The remaining thirty-odd percent thought she was a "self aggrandizing pseudo journalist."

This last category interests me. What distinguishes a "pseudo" journalist from the real thing? Aren't these Kosniks the very folks who have spent so much time excoriating the "mainstream media" (or MSM, as they familiarly call it)? Now, however, it would appear they're all hot for professional standards and chummy casuistries about what you can report and what you can't.

Some mediaeval theologian -- Aquinas? I hope not -- argued that the shrieks of the damned in Hell are music in the ears of the saints in Heaven. I make no claim to sainthood, but I've been relishing the ululations of the maddened Kosniks:

  • I've never heard of her before. How the hell did she get on TV ?
  • She is a thief if she is the one that captured private remarks from a private home. Was there video cams or cell phones allowed to capture pictures or sound? I know I read a dairy here by someone that was there in SF...is what this Mayhill Fowler did legal?
  • Why isn't any of the outrage focused at the Huffington Post for allowing her to publish her BS?
  • i second what Psifighter37 up thread about the blogosphere grilling her. let's hold her feet to the fire. she deserves it.
  • if we don't like irresponsible journalism we will attack the journalist.
  • What do we really know about this Mayhill Fowler? Is she really a Clinton or Obama supporter? We need to do some research on her because she sounds like a troll. If she went on national news to say that she was an Obama supporter but felt uncomfortable about his remarks but is actually a Clinton supporter, this needs to be verified.... Let's be CLEAR. There was absolutely nothing wrong, false or elitist about what Obama said. Just so that we are not diverting from what the issue really is. There is nothing wrong with what he said. He speaking the absolute truth.... But I think when this is being reported, it also need to be reported about this Mayhill Fowler character. What was her FUCKING motive!!!!!!!!
  • I'm from Oakland and just spoke with one of my friends there. Her husband has donated over $25K to the Clintons. She is an awful person who is damn elitist. My parents were at that very same fundraiser and people are FURIOUS that this happened. This was a private fundraiser and that means private. It was not supposed to be tape recorded or videotaped and they specifically said that you would be asked to leave if you were caught doing so.
  • Mayhill Fowler's not a journalist. One of the characteristics of journalists is in this time that the do professional "Full Disclosure" of matters that might affect how people interpret what they write. Ms. Fowler did not disclose, for example, that MF in her bio on HuffPost says she graduated from Vassar in 1968, the school at which HRC was a prominent student politician until HRC graduated in 1969. If she knew HRC at that time or was influenced by that, she should have disclosed that circumstance. A google search also fails to show that save for her HuffPost posts, she has been published by anyone, ever. While it is not a sin to be a freelance journalist, you gotta be a journalist first.

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chthulu's mom:

A pseudo-journalist is someone who publishes something that afflicts someone in power. No real journalist would do anything like that.

Scratch a Kosnik, find a pile of Dukaka...


Holy Christ, what a bunch of lunatics.

a pile of dukaka
bent, son
kerrying clint on
in its hart
I mean on a cart
er, no, I mean
its all a lie, berman
Go re-ad (or is it re-id?) their
pil'o si-te
it's biden its time

don't the koz, tho

they'll run you down
with their ferraro-eeh
or maybe gore you again with
a nel, son

either way
you end up in a box, sir


Mary Fowler is covering up what really happened to Tower #7.

Amen, IOZ! Did you know there were stored papers in there, too -- notes from Secret Team meetings? You know, the meetings where they worked out how to trick poor old Ronnie about Nicaragua, and planted the retroactive story that Carter actually started the Contras.

Long live JFK!


I've never really understood the popularity of DailyKos and Atrios. Even though I'm mostly a pretty mainstream liberal, I've always felt like those two sites just regurgitated Democratic talking points in the dullest way possible.

For people who talk a lot about how Republicans are all sheep who get their opinions directly from the party, Democrats sure are happy to do the exact same thing.

And its not like either site is a bastion of excellent writing.


i've become quite fond
of the notion
of all
those kos foot soldiers

i suspect i dis-prize
kos hizz seff
for mixed reasons

is the kos hive as robust and dynamic
as a couple years ago ???
you know
membership wise

While I'm certainly enjoying the shrieks of the damned as much as the next guy here -- there's sure enough ululation to put Joni Mitchell to shame -- I still find myself rather down with ululation no.1. Oftentimes, in the evenings, I'll poke my head into the bedroom and see what TV roundtable yakfest my wife has fallen asleep watching, see the pack of dime-a-dozen pundits shouting over each other and ask myself Jayzus, how the hell did these losers get on TV?

steve kelly:

The motive is 15 min. of fame, status; the medium is still the message. We're, as always, trying damn hard to catch up to the (hand-held snooping devices) technology that just ran us over. Obama's already too old to understand that he's (like the rest of us)constantly surrounded by a swarm of digital parasites.

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