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Ziffle Rex

By Owen Paine on Tuesday May 20, 2008 11:57 AM

Here's a report from the watch out for Larry Ziffle team:

Recently our guy took a malign thumping from three Hindu gents. Waxing to the beat-down, they mocked his status as a globalist and neolib paragon: "Larry are you turning protectionist hack, now we South Asians are getting into the great game too, and we might add, taking a few tricks from you Yanks?"

In fact they get it so all-fired wrong that Larry, in a rejoinder just below their post, makes minced cow of them. In essence: I come to save globalization, not raze it. Here's Larry's money line:

"True friends of global integration and of the developing world will work to design more ways to insure that a more integrated and prosperous global economy is one from which all will benefit."
Yikes! A porcine Greek bearing gifts approaches the gates to what remains uncrumbled of the northern hemisphere's working stiffs' citadel.

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