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Hand in hand, with wand'ring steps and slow

By Michael J. Smith on Sunday June 1, 2008 03:38 PM

Nicholas Hart (who has left a few comments here from time to time) sent this to one of my lefty e-mail lists recently:

Obama Leaves His Church

First Obama tried distancing himself from his pastor, the man who married him to his wife. Then he tried denouncing him. Now he's officially calling it quits. Amazing how quickly he has discarded this long acquaintance and succumbed to the racist politics of "post-racial" America. I wonder how it feels to be an Obamaniac these days. For a guy who talks about "change we can believe in" he sure does keep lowering the bar. Perhaps his next book title will be "Paucity of Hope."

I suspect that most of the merit-class smarties who support Obama will like him better for this -- they're mostly not churchgoers, I should think, and so these Calibans will now see in the mirror something even more like their own face.

Then there are supposed to be those for whom nothing will ever be enough -- mostly, it appears, people who work for the news media. The New York Times ominously observes:

Now that Mr. Obama has addressed his ties to the church and pastor in a long speech and fully broken with both, it is not clear what else he can say or do to ameliorate the continued concerns of some voters about those associations.
Hmm. Take a swing at his ex-pastor? Burn the church down? Dance on a crucifix? Beg? Roll over? Play dead?

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Al Schumann:

He could start attending Hillary Clinton's church. That, surely, would assuage the continuing concerns.

One hesitates to suggest he might consider converting to... but, no.


It's been done...

Michael Hureaux:

He could sing "Dixie" and dance the Bamboozala, a la the "comedians" in the Spike Lee film.

Nicholas Hart:

There are some juicy quotes in the NYTimes article about Obama's exodus.

"I make this decision with sadness," said Mr. Obama, speaking in subdued tones as he stood before a bland background. "This is where I found Jesus Christ, where we were married, where our children were baptized. We are proud of the extraordinary works of that church."

Translation: I am proud to cast aside long-standing ties and long-held beliefs for political expediency.

"There is certainly a tradition in the African-American church to speak against injustice, against racism, against sexism, against economic inequality," Mr. Obama said. "My hope would be that any presidential candidate can go to a church and hear a sermon and even hear some controversial statements without those views being imputed to them."

Translation: just because I attended this church, please don't assume that I am "against injustice, against racism, against sexism, against economic inequality."

Corollary: don't jump all over McCain just because Hitler-admiring preachers like him.


i recently reviewed the words of lincoln
as he tried to get elected senator in '58

"i am not nor ever have been in favor
of making voters or jurors of negroes nor of qualifying them to hold office
nor to inter marry with white people
and i will say in addition to this
that there is a physical difference between
the white and black raceswhich i belive will forbid the two racesliving together
on terms of social and political equality..."
" blah blah blah "

oh the horros of stump politics

what would you have this black man do ??

be a politician and a leader
all at once ???

let him get elected first

then we'll see if he 's
a dirty low down cork faced skunk
or a second lincoln

yes in the heat of the moment
his betrayal of wright enraged me
but in retrospect
that was excessive

and this ..by comparison
is just a little extra soul soiling
a constant hazard of his profession
whilst picking one's way
the hustings

if indeed he gets shot down while
dueling the air pirate this fall
it won't be because white folks
or black folks do or don't
remember this
any more then i take
his zionic blow job
of mini me's agents very seriously

he's a fiscal conservative
a jimmy carter almost
that is what most provokes me
forget the fuckin
liberal humanist empire piety
as he heads toward the white house
he brings with him
merit class frugality
this i fear is so dyed
into his closely cropped
wooly scalp
it will never rinse out
even if we have a major depression
he'll be prudent


but hey let us see

FDR proved wildly unpredictable
on economic policy
full of uncrushable nuggets of ignorance
worthy of the age of blood letting medicine
he found within himself ways
to out maneuver his sound
economic first principles
when the heat of progressive action
beckoned him on


Give BHO a chance? Here?

Tell us about FDR's nuggets of ignorance, please!


I like the Mendacity of Hope much better. I can't wait for America's first Uncle Tom administration.

Mendacity of Hope?
he never inhaled the hope
though he kinda liked the dope
(perhaps his one truly brave stance)

Mendacity of Soap
is more like it
this born salesperson

or maybe
Vendability of Choke

as Killary's sad arguments
for nominating Kucinich or Nader
may have had some ugly truth-value
while this little window existed


Tell us about FDR's nuggets of ignorance

let this suffice
he was no kinda keynes

he prolly had
more in common
with the economics
harriet beecher stowe


"I can't wait for America's first Uncle Tom administration."

ob's no uncle tom

he's by dint of necessity
a self colored creation

at bottom
he has a colorless soul
and out front
a merit class sense of fairness

he's a guy who never saw let alone felt
the white lash
till he was old enough
to counter it with his fair share
of equal opportunity patronage
not "given him"
by his white merit class mates
but "earned by him"
thru his unusual effort talent and brains


"Give BHO a chance? Here?"

where else
we who claim to see thru
the shamboliah

garrison ultimately back
lincoln and lincoln's war

i try to keep
an open mind
and a nasty
-- vicious even--
hyper skeptical mouth

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