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On the brighter side

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday June 26, 2008 06:05 PM

A comment Too Good To Be A Comment showed up on an earlier entry just now:
I had a pleasing thought the other day.

Barack Obama's candidacy may be the thing that ends the surefire support of the Democrats among Black people.

Not among all of them, certainly, but maybe there will be enough peeling away from the party to make things difficult for the lesser head of Orthrus. Now that we actually have a Black candidate, and he's being forced to turn his back on his own people, treat them with scorn, and spit upon (at least half) his heritage, many may wake up to the fact that the Democrats are responsible for this state of affairs. That they're just taking the Black vote for granted, so Black people can be treated with as much derision as is needed to win back some of those who yearn for the white-hooded days of the Democratic Party's past.

The disgust and discontent could be made more palpable by the fact that nobody can excuse it as the candidate's own private white supremacism coming out, as they might with a white Democratic nominee. It will be clear that this is the structural white supremacism of the Democratic Party.

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turning massive hunks
of the black american nation off the Demos???

as in

"after what the Ds made that guy into...shit...i'm off the donkey bro "

cell mates
it's a ....(wait for it ).... fantasy

not cause nothin will do it
24/7 social reality 'round here
and ...an alternative independent
black power structure
could do it tomorrow

ob is like the robot gal in metropolis
only here's his secret
that koolcat's his own Rottwang



"nobody can excuse it as the candidate's own private white supremacism coming out"

WHY NOT ??? he's half white and
ala michael jackson or louis farakan
totally self produced

i find this line of inquiry by us palefaces

-espite it's heavy and usually healthy dose
of calvinist "we are wretched" self loathing-




"those who yearn for the white-hooded days of the Democratic Party's past"

this reflects a projection
not actual perception
not of
the white sons and daughters of the settlers
and their wog et a
immigrant side kicks

when nations collide
real race antagonism

Mike Hunt:

During one of the Tavis Smiley State of the Black Union conferences a few years ago, it was stated that most blacks hit middle class and move out of their community. That unlike Asians Middle Class Blacks tend NOT to pump money back into the community. I think the cycle of money in an Asian community circulates ten times in a Black community only four.

Well, it's a nice thought. But then again, some of these Democrats seem to be awfully slow learners...

Al Schumann:

My goodness, Ms. Xeno! The Flesh Feast progs are devolving rapidly. They'll be ready to join hands with their winger pals pretty soon.

No need to spare our sensibilities through use of the future tense, dear sir. ;)

Michael . . .

As you probably know, I agree with you 99% of the time.

You also know that I think Nobama's a fraud.

But I have a question - why is demanding that that the black community take some honest responsibility for itself a betrayal?

Al Schumann:

Ddjango, the first and most grievous offense is that he's relying on a popular canard: that of the feckless and irresponsible father. It's a libelous myth, deeply cherished by the Moynihan school of liberalism. The second is that he's positing a monolithic black community. To the extent such a thing exists, it is defined externally and imposed violently; by redlining, Jim Crow, the drug war sentencing practices, "driving while black", predatory financial practices -- a host of everyday acts of discrimination.


ddj -- Far as I can tell, the human race in general is torn between its sense of duty and responsibility and its desire to light out for the Territory. I don't imagine that black men are much different from white ones in this respect.

But the path of duty for most white guys is a bit easier.


It's been a while since I've looked in here, and I have to say, I'm probably not as far to the left as the regulars here. I'll probably continue to vote for one of my two Senators and my representative to Congress, not so much because they're Dems, but because I appreciate what they stand for and who they are individually.

But seriously, Obama's immediate and vigorous post-nom dash to the right has left even the likes of me dismayed and breathless. And no doubt he is inclined to think he can get away with it because he knows that the regular Dem voters will again be swayed by all the same mouldy-oldy craven arguments that they're always swayed by, even when in their hearts, they have to know better.

And these dash-to-the-right Dem presidential nominees don't really "get away with it", because they always lose. Let us not forget that were it not for Ross Perot and his hatred of the Bush family in 1992, Bush Sr. may well have won that one, even with the economy languishing and stagnating the way it was.

Nicholas Hart:

Here's one of the best analyses I've read about Obama's attack on African American men. It must be seen in that light--as long as the legal and economic structures that produce poverty remain ignored, this sort of blame-the-victim argument only serves to distract from discussion of the real issues and lets politicians (like Obama and his Democratic colleagues) off the hook.

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