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Now see here...

By Michael J. Smith on Friday July 4, 2008 05:34 PM

The Wagging Finger Pose:

Have we seen Barack do this before? Or is this one of the classic pathological signs of being the Democratic nominee?

I have the feeling that Democrats do this Pecksniffian gesture more often than Republicans. Am I wrong? Time to accumulate an image archive. Send in your links!

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Dude. Don't you recognize that gesture? That's that JFK pose. Don't you remember? Obombirana's an honorary Kennedy now. Check out some footage of what is -- for reasons obvious to folks who know me well enough -- my favorite speech of his, the Rice University "We Choose To Go To The Moon" Speech. It's been a while since I've watched it myself, but it seems like he must've stabbed the air with his finger after every third sentence or so.

Of course, JFK was so charismatic that Obombirana doesn't have enough charisma to qualify him to shine JFK's shoes, and JFK's Rice University speech was a helluva lot more inspiring than Obombirana's Bill Cosby rant a few weeks ago, or that Muslim-baiting "Racism" speech.

Actually, while we're on the subject of Packsniffianism, you may also want to check out the number of flags on the stage behind Obombirana in those recent fotos of him vigorously defending his patriotism (spit). Pretty damned impressive, huh? Anybody remember a bit that Dave Letterman did on his show back during the '00 freak show which -- I'm only half remembering here -- involved a series of fotos of Bush and Gore on the stump with seemingly-increasing numbers of flags on the platform behind them. Dave wraps this up with a long pullback to the full shot of his desk -- and there, beautifully fanned out on the stage behind his desk, were probably about two dozen or so flags, followed by Dave doing a sarcastic rap about how Bush and Gore were in for a real fight, or something.


Happy America day, everybody!!!!1!


pointing up is not pointing down or across

not pointing at u
pointing toward the gods

Barry has gone off like green-meat. This pose of his reminds me of the Robocop (2)lecture to the kids on the importance of proper nutrition.
Stop me before I enter him in stiffs.com again.

plato's cave:

Cut him some slack, guys! He's just starting to wake up to the Repug attack machine, as well as the disrespectful media. That facial grimace says "how could you do this to me, you bastards, I've been busting my hump to please you!" To me, he looks just like Hillary Clinton about a month ago.

Repugs never face this moment -- they start out mean and self-righteous and stay that way. Only Dems have to experience the bitter moment of being rejected for their phony liberalism.


Did George McGovern lose because he didn't finger point? Google Image Search reveals that while he's done his fair share of pointing, it's all later in his life, long after his candidacy. That's a lesson for any candidate if you ask me.


...Repugs never face this moment -- they start out mean and self-righteous and stay that way. Only Dems have to experience the bitter moment of being rejected for their phony liberalism.

I love you.

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