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The logistics and heuristics of the mystics

By Al Schumann on Friday July 11, 2008 10:51 AM

Our friends at Progs for Obama have posted an article by George Lakoff. Lakoff's impressions move beyond the tiresome atropine and organophosphate dichotomies that have plagued the compartmentalized dialectics of the post structural recrudescence. He presents an argument in favor of cultivating an evolving, omnichronal, flexible exegesis of President-to-be Obama's apparent tactical pandiculations, and 21st century politics in general, while striving to maintain the perseverance that has brought progressives to the cusp of the progressive actualization of recommitting to incrementally express a sense that... Anyway, he does so with a restrained, thoughtful use of capital letters; indicative of an appreciation for the sensibilities of both strict and nuturant mindsets. Extrapolating from this, as I do in my book, Dining Our Way Out of the Doldrums: Progressive Recipes for Success, one feels comfortable asserting that a breaded pork chop may benefit from a dollop of apple sauce, that macaroni and cheese may blossom under a shake or two of paprika and that no one need fear the onion when making an artisanal meatloaf.

As a philosopher and a gourmand, I came away from reading the proffered Text with the conviction that the progressive will to progressivism is, like butter, undergoing a clarifying process. The progressives themselves, however, appear to have a fundamental misunderstanding of their ultimate conjuration -- a real tragedy of méconnaissance.

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Sorry, my head just exploded.

Al Schumann:

Your head? What about mine?! I'm the one who had to read Lakoff's article.


hey the sam goldwyn professor of ...
is a tubby guy
i now like him
he's not strict on himself
you can see that
by just training your
cognification portals on his image

a lecture hall santa

i always trust a top dog
that's done
a good deal of self nurturancy

smile on
you fatuous
jargon juggling
cap and gown
after dinner mint of a clown

Al Schumann:

That's tenured fatuous, jargon juggling, cap and gown after dinner mint of a clown. Other than that, you've got me dead to rights.

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