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The silly season....

By Michael J. Smith on Thursday July 31, 2008 09:51 PM

... is upon us. But then, it started so long ago I can't even remember. Today's tempest in a teapot:

Indeed, the very next questioner from [McCain's] audience was another young woman who announced to the crowd: "I'm 18 and I just have to say that Obama, like, terrifies me. And I would just like to say I think you need to call him on every shot. Don't let him get away with a single thing. We can't afford it."

What a nation of poltroons we have become. Oh, I have to agree, up to a point: Obamacult scares me the way Scientologists scare me. But even over Scientologists I don't lose any sleep.

Fox News apparently put up a poll on their website -- since pulled, it seems -- asking people whether they "knew" anybody who's scared by Obama. Dirty pool! The donks, eyes blazing, nostrils flaring, stampeded up Indignation Hill and brayed their outrage to the unhearing firmament. As one of my correspondents wrote:

Knowing the Republicans will try to scare the electorate is like knowing the sun will rise in the AM. It's the standard Republican tactic of fear-mongering. That said, if one were actually "terrified" of an Obama Presidency then it would follow that one would be absolutely shit-yourself petrified of a McCain Presidency. Imagine the US involved in helping a Georgian independence movement? Scary beyond words.
Droll. I seem to recall the last Democratic President sending bombers in aid of a Kosovar independence movement. But hey, water under the bridge.

What's funny, even if you don't remember Clinton or Johnson or Kennedy at all, is to watch our Democratic apologist, without even taking a breath, doing the very thing he reproaches the enemy for. The Rs try to "scare" the electorate. So what does our man do? Try to scare 'em even more.

In fact this is a hoary, time-honored Democratic stratagem, going back (as another correspondent pointed out) at least as far as the famous Johnson-vs-Goldwater mushroom cloud spot in '64.

Yeah, our guy is a creep: but if their guy gets in... the sky will fall!

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Nicholas Hart:

Of course the Dems have their classic scare tactics too. If you don't vote Democrat, then the Republicans will appoint more right-wing Supreme Court Justices that will take away a woman's right to choose! Nevermind that the Democrats haven't lifted a finger to protect womens' rights in decades. Or that they didn't block Thomas, Alito and Roberts--and unanimously confirmed Scalia. Or that Obama recently sided with those four on the death penalty and gun control. But watch out for McCain! Boogedy boogedy!

Michael Hureaux:

The whole scene, like, bums me out man. It's like, not groovy, dude. Like, wow, dude. Yo.

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