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How sharper than a serpent's tooth

By Michael J. Smith on Friday August 8, 2008 08:41 PM

The delightful image above is, as I write, on Nancy Pelosi's Web site. I've saved it in case it vanishes, as I daresay it will, now that:

...thanks to the outpouring of support from volunteers all across the San Francisco Bay Area, the petitioning teams were able to gather the signatures required to place a truly independent and fighting candidate for the people on the ballot in the 8th District of San Francisco.

At 1:17 p.m. today, the Department of Elections certified officially that Cindy is on the ballot!

What a picture, huh? That deer-in-the-headlights look on Pelosi -- Sheehan's strange contrapposto, trying to look chummy for the camera but visibly shrinking as from some loathesome reptile. Quite right, too.

I never give money to political campaigns, but, you know, a foolish consistency and all that... I sent ole Cindy a check. If it gives Pelosi even half a second more insomnia, I'll consider it money well spent.

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plato's cave:

The height of quixotism, but still tempting!

Hoorah, Cindy. At last, our first political suicide bomber. I wonder what Code Weak...uh, Pink has to say about it. I just got an email from them asking us all for suggestions on what to put on the banner they plan to unfurl in front of The Speaker at the DP Shitfest...uh, Convention.

And good for you, too, Smiff. I don't think it's got so much to do with Foolish Consistency™ as it does with willful material support of a terrorist. Oh, alright, maybe not, but I'll bet Ms. P. is feeling pretty terrorized right now.

Right on about Pelosi's look in that foto, too. Deer in the headlights pretty much says it...though I've always thought she had a kind of Stepford Wife look to her, especially when she smiles. I don't know when that foto was taken, but it looks like Her Nancyship might still be trying to digest the news of her new book tanking (like, all of two, three thousand copies), even after being heavily gushed over by the Washington Post. I mean, c'mon -- that whole balancing-family-and-career riff is pretty much beat; it's so goddamn' '80s.

Cindy's looking a bit worn out, though, lately; easy to forget she and I are about the same age.

If our affiliates and friends all financially supported those who take on the criminal elite, we'd have a very different country.

The gazillions progressives mindlessly lavish on le sur evil is perhaps their greatest contribution to cynicism, but the millions withheld by cynics also bolsters our evil system of governance.

plato's cave:

Is Cindy running as a Green, or Independent? That's the difference between a partially meaningful vote and a wholly symbolic one.

Somehow, I don't see anyone of any political stripe doing anything significant inside the halls of Congress. And the worst fate would be to be invited into the "troika" of anti-war democrats -- Barbara Lee, Lynn Woolsey and Maxine Walters. Fine as individuals, worthless as a political faction.

I think we need a new Constitutional Convention.


cave, do we also need an accompanying revolutionary war?

I sent some mullah too because scaring Cindy is the ONLY candidate running who can really hold the Donks accountable for their perfidy.

The Green Party is a swamp in my neighborhood and I think it may be true throughout the country since the Cobbites ascended. Therefore I'll vote for Nader for President, even though he keeps running campaigns without leaving any trace after the voting takes place.

Go Cindy! Calling horseshit when she sees it.

Actually, something else I noticed that's even more interesting -- at least to me -- then Pelosi's eternally bugged-out eyeballs, and that's that couch.

God damn, but that's one seriously trippin'-assed couch. Did the Speaker bring that along with her from San Francisco? Is she accepting any offers for it? That looks like just the thing to be kickin' back on while smoking a little hash and listening to some good old bootleg Dead tapes.

Uh, Mike, unless you have one of those SF Health Department cards licensing you to smoke pot in public, I think my lawyer friend's advice might apply: "Never utter a felony."

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