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Little children love the Great Leader

By Michael J. Smith on Tuesday September 30, 2008 08:46 PM

Passed along by Mike Flugennock:

Mike comments:

Ugh. Fucking Hitler Youth.
I must say he has a point.

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Tomorrow belongs to them, I guess.


my first generation
fascometer barey wiggled

way way too dinky guys

save the f word for blood suckers
or at least meat eaters

Op, dude. C'mon. I think you need to have that thing recalibrated, then.

This kind of shit is a prime indicator.

And now that Peter mentions it, yeah; right on, they may as well be singing Tomorrow Belongs To Me.

Uh, oh. Do I smell a parody coming on? Sadly, it wouldn't be produced by me as I don't have the time or resources...but, still – same kind of gaggle of adorable kids in the same t-shirt with the same giant stylized "O" logo banner on the wall, same treacly arrangement – except they're singing Tomorrow Belongs To Me?

Those of you sympatico media pros out there with the time and resources, you have my permission to run with this idea.

What else gets me is that this piece was produced fairly recently, but before the Convention – mid-Augustish, I think – still, though, after Sen. Jesus became the Presumptive(spit) Nominee and had become fully engaged in throwing constituencies under metaphorical buses.

August. This came out in friggin' August; don't these people know just how goddamn' played that whole mindless, wide-eyed adoration of Obama thing is?

I mean, c'mon, man; Obamamania is so April.

Michael Hureaux:

Woy. Whenever it came out, it reeks.


i'm surprised you give the f squad
full ownership rights
to all charismatic frauds
and only wanna be

i'd have thought
code pink's
lead tinker belle
might have given you pause

Peter Ward:

It's not strictly false that 'Obama's gonna change it'. But it's change in a direction most of us, if we understand some basic facts, don't want.

I will say, that besides die-hard liberals, not many people I encounter are so zealous. Most are fairly, perhaps irrationally, pessimistic but paralyzed from taking any action against what makes them afraid.

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