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Paging Dr Hercules

By Owen Paine on Saturday September 13, 2008 01:21 PM

[T]his country's "radical" activist contingents [are] making a big mistake by not openly, actively attacking corporate media personnel and equipment at major protest-attracting events such as [the Republicrat conventions].
That's Mugsy Flugo right here in SMBIVA's comments.

I agree.

We rads need to change targets -- stop attacking the hams up front on the podiums and start attacking the actual culprits, the giant media congloms that provide us with all our degenerate political theatre; these elite mass media production companies, these studios of news-fic. Let's knock over their remote teams, trash their reporters while on camera live, bust up their megadollar griffs, festoon their broadcast towers with sacks of cowshit, storm their studios, get the Kiev boys to lance their web site's software: proclaim nonviolent but total war. Threaten to "virtually" bring down the beast, the giant red white and blue corporate news hydra, and by using only the miracles of voodoo agitprop, sizzle the beast's zillion heads right off at the stump, one by one.

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cthulhu's mom:

And the great thing about it is - who the hell would risk their necks trying to protect the *media*? (As opposed to journalists.)


Eh, the police might. It's an occupation that attracts the violent types.

While you're taking a breather from bashing talking heads, you might want to take in the Robert Jackson conference on prosecuting war criminals featured on The Real News Network.

...and, speaking of which, it looks like at least a couple of guys have got the right idea:


Although, the media, malignant as they are, are just another group of mercenaries--the real culprits are the ones who fund the media.

...Granted there's a good chance targeting the media would lead to results, since the propaganda apparatus plays a crucial role in conning us into giving up our freedom and our resources--state violence (or its private equivalent) has largely lost its efficacy.

tim d:

Wow, this blog has practically died. If this inactivity keeps up, dennis perrin's blog is going to replace you guys in my heart! ;-)

Lajany Otum:

Is SMBIVA ever going to wake up from its slumber? Surely you'll be stirred into action by the "debate" -- if not by the $700bn giveaway to the ruling class.

Lajany Otum:

Is SMBIVA ever going to wake up from its slumber? Surely you'll be stirred into action by the "debate" -- if not by the $700bn giveaway to the ruling class.


Perhaps I'm just projecting -- I'm suffering through an intolerably difficult amalgam of career flameout, personal trauma, and political disaffection -- but perhaps Mr. Smith simply said "fuck it" and let his watercraft drift out to sea. From this perch it seems that of late there is a mini-boomlet of various figures on the US radical left who have just vanished "into the wild" (as it were), be it geographically, psychically, or otherwise.

The debates merely confirmed what we already dreaded, knew, and had no solution for, save nursing wounds privately. That will add up to madness after a steady suite of small doses, like Chinese water torture.

It is mildly heartening to see the groundswell of mass contempt for the bailout, but its main political expression is of the libertarian
"don't fuck with the self-regulating market" variant. You know, the same guys who brought you the Congressional class of '94.


Jeez, I hope everything's okay with you guys. Hurry back soon before the liberals start making sense to me.

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