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Driving the money-changers

By Owen Paine on Thursday October 16, 2008 11:59 AM

The great lambkins of econ-con is savaging the credit lords again.


Seems according to cousin Joe Stiglitz, Paulson and posse are short-sheeting the "taxpayers":

"For all the show of toughness, the details suggest the US taxpayer got a raw deal. There is no comparison with the terms that Warren Buffett secured when he provided capital to Goldman Sachs. Buffett got a warrant-the right to buy in the future at a price that was even below the depressed price at the time. Paulson got for the US a warrant to buy in the future-at whatever the prevailing price at the time. The whole point of the warrant is so we participate in some of the upside, as the economy recovers from the crisis, and as the financial system starts to work."

Aaah we need a new broom in Washington eh? A broom to sweep away these Street creepers:

But here, I'm afraid, is what we're likely to get instead --

Enter Obama on an ass indeed, and to loud hosannas -- from the money-changers.

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Damn' straight, man.

Not only do we get an ersatz Jeezus heading into town to the sound of mindless hosannas, but we don't even get the real Jeezus, but the cheesy Hanna-Barbera-style clip-art version, as pictured in Figure 2.

Son of Uncle Sam:

I want to get down on my knees and start pleasing Jesus,
I want to feel his salvation all over my face
by : kyle McCullough via: Eric Cartman

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