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Rats. Sinking ship. Proverbial result...

By Michael J. Smith on Saturday October 25, 2008 09:27 PM

The UK Guardian observes:

Big names join defections from Republican camp

Joel Haugen, a Republican fighting a tough congressional race against the Democrats in Oregon, has fallen out with his party. The reason: his surprise endorsement of Barack Obama for the presidency....

Haugen is just one of many Republican politicians, dubbed Obamicans, who have defected to Obama. The latest high-profile desertions include Scott McClellan, President George Bush's former press secretary, who endorses Obama in a CNN programme to be broadcast this weekend, and William Weld, the one-time Republican governor of Massachusetts....

Last weekend, Bush's former secretary of state Colin Powell publicly backed the Democratic candidate in Obama's biggest Republican catch so far.

Some of my lefty mailing list colleagues find this all pretty significant -- including the defections of Christophers Hitchens and Buckley, animalculae whom the Guardian didn't deign to notice. Here's Comrade F.:
[R]emember this is just the latest wave of defections, leaving aside Powell, Buckley, Hitchens, and the rest. Worth remembering that almost all of these people were FOR Bush in 2000.
And a response:
[Comrade F.] makes a very good point about the changing political climate in the U.S.
Changing political climate? Really? What reason do we have to think that any of these folks has changed his or her views? Is it not plain that they are simply betting on the favorite horse? And is it not equally plain that in the light of their unchanged views, they're perfectly OK with Obama?

What does this tell us about Obama?

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Peter Ward:

Don't confuse the argument with sound logic, Michael!

Peter Ward:

This is totally unrelated to the post, but I need to express my suffering somewhere. So far, I've done an exemplary job avoiding media discussion of the election. I've even managed to avoid all but one televised debate. Well, it seems my punishment has been delivered--I have faulty active monitor speaker connected to my computer that, do to an electrical issue, picks up the NPR coverage of the election "debates" loud and clear (are there any audio engineers reading who can help?).

Lajany Otum:

What does this tell us about Obama? That he's about change that all the crooks can believe in.

Son of Uncle Sam:

Ben Montgomery 1819-1877 was the teachers pet too.

Michael -

It says the same thing that, for example, The Black Agenda Report has been telling us for months: Obama is a sly fox who works for the same folks Bush does. Next question?

Ummm, Peter! Have yuh tried pullin' the bloody plug outta the wall?

Be at peace


this site may be into the johnny
one note zone
on this point

been reading about the
plow brings rain
noodlery of the great western yeomanic infestation

what the plow brought was

drought misery and then ..uncle sam's irrigation canals

let us pray for a miracle

for irrigation canals now
not after 5 years of hideous
senseless low voltage american misery

let's pray
there's a fuckin'

lets pray that
into that eloquent
briary of ivy elite dither
now engrossing
the mind of the magic negro
will come
a sudden burst of deeper insight
and that ever after
his head will sing to him
like a heavenly choir

"go for it barry
spend baby spend
spend baby spend "

make that specific:

trillions upon trillions"

and lets while we got Clio's ear
make his sauline moment
come sometime b4
the snows of january


Slightly OT, but I rather enjoyed watching the Colbert Report the other night, when Steven Colbert brought up McCain/Palin red-baiting and their denouncing Obama as "socialist". Without skipping a beat, he introduced his next guest, Mr. Brian Moore, Socialist Party candidate for President, and asked him if Obama was, indeed, a socialist? Short answer: No.

Of course, in a healthy Democracy, Mr. Moore would be on CNN and able to debate John McCain directly about the relative merits of socialist political economy, but instead the best we can do is give him a minute or so of airtime on a fake news satire program, for entertainment purposes only.

Anyway, I went ahead and early-voted...and was pleasantly surprised to be given the option of a paper ballot (which I noticed most voters were picking over electronic), which was a relief because I wasn't looking forward to figuring out how to vote for a write-in candidate on an electronic voting machine; With the paper ballot I was able to cast my vote for Cynthia McKinney/Rosa Clemente (Green Party ticket) without further hassle. In local judicial races I voted straight-ticket Libertarian, and for everything else I went with the D's. I predict absolutely 100% of my chosen candidates will lose their respective races (I live in North Texas). Anyway, my perfunctory civic duty is done for the season.

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